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Zeprunei, Wandering Carnival of Beliotha


Category Title: Adventures in Beliotha

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Group tag: Carnies

Setting: Information on the setting!

Rules: The rp will use minor dice rolls here and there, though there is no formal system in use.

Content Rules: Violence, NSFW content, and such will be in this rp. 18+

Application example:
Carnie name: Vjazi Tisststi
Race: Humara (Snake man)
Age: (Minimum 18 equivalent) Young adult
Description: A blue scaled humara with a white scaled underbelly. Their form is lanky, though has clearly defined muscle tone from their position. Their head looks akin to a snakes, a pair of two fangs pertruding from their maw, and their amber slitted eyes lacking eyelids. They generally wear pretty ratty clothing, as their position isn't too high in the carnival.
Carnival job: Quartermaster assistant
Bio: Hailing from across the seas in the jungle continent of Malewoiko, Vjazi came to Beliotha to escape his tribalistic family. Intentionally getting himself captured by slave traders, he was taken across the seas to the recently industrialized Beliotha, where he was traded to various owners until he ended up in the hands of the quartermaster of the Zeprunei carnival. There, he was given his freedom, at the cost of working at the carnival until his dues were paid. As to what those were, the carnival said he wasn't privy to it. He's not complaining, as he gets a hot meal, and a serviceable sleeping cart in exchange for managing their clothing stock and doing oddjobs for the quartermaster.
Example rp: Vjazi hissed at the quartermaster, having been worked to the bone for the past few days. The carnival had just arrived at Humar's rest, and there hasn't been any rest as the name of the town implies. "Ssserioussly bosss...Can't we jusst have sssome golemss do thiss for a bit? The cold isss freezing my scaless off!" Vjazi exclaims, having worn not much but his ratty clothing that had a few decently sized holes in it. Winterwear for the carnival was pretty lacking, and for a tropical snake man like Vjazi, he was dealing with the worst of it. The quartermaster puffed a bit of smoke out of his pipe, the overall wearing elemental rubbing his flaming chin. Vjazi was partly complaining since the fire elemental that was the quartermaster, was exceptionally hot. As with most requests, it didn't really go anywhere.


Carnie name: Molly

Race: Fawn (Deer/Human Abomination)

Age: barely legal

Description: A dim witted, naive and happy go lucky girl of short hair with a longer braid. The edges of her face have a redish brown fur, its shape slightly elongated, wide green eyes, a little button deer nose. Her upper body is that of a human girl, a little bit tanned over everything not covered by a crudely made bra and loincloth. Her breasts are perky and fairly small, enough for a good handful. She wears a few knickknacks such as a necklace made of shells, an armband, maybe some bangles if she finds some. Fur gradually thickens at her waist, the outer sides of her hips are fully furred, a little perky deer tail flits about above her furry behind, her inner thighs being mostly bare. The rest of her legs are completely furred, with cloven hoofs.

Carnival job: Freeloader (Pending)

Bio: A Gnoll hunter from the Caravan returned with Molly as a child, having found her after killing a deer which she treated as her mother. Since then she's been raised by the Caravan itself, and incidentally taught next to nothing about life there. Shes happy to spend her days sleeping in the sun, eating grass, admiring shrubs and finding contentment in existing.

However, the quartermaster has always been irritated that she doesn't pull her weight as a member of the Carnival, and expects her to be useful despite never having actually being taught anything by them. Till now, the woman of the Carnival have kept her protected due to being a child, but now that shes recently come of age, that argument doesn't really fly anymore, and the men of the caravan are all in support of her becoming 'entertainment'.

Meanwhile, she doesn't even know what that means, beyond that people have been saying it with a certain amount of menace to make it sound scary and overhearing arguments about it. She does actually have some talents if someone gave a damn, she has a fairly strong connection with the forces of nature, fey magic being heavily involved in her heritage, though she hasn't been taught anything, shes figured out basic stuff like encouraging grass to grow slightly faster, and making flowers bloom. The basis of such powers being through a worship and one being in tune with nature, mixed with her accepting friendly nature, there is bound to be more abilities that might open up through her experiences. She is extremely impressionable, even adopting some personality traits of animals she happens to hang around a while with.

Practically, shes fairly good with her hands, enjoying things like weaving, making crude clothes and jewelry, something that actually has been taught to her by her adoptive Gnoll mother. She also has a talent for warming the hearts of those around her with her good natured enthusiasm and simple contentment, so long as they aren't Jeri... Or anyone else trying to get her to take initiative or think about anything.

Example rp: Shed go over and get down on her knees close to the bloom and wave Teth over

Oh! Here!

Then she'd lean in, speaking hushed encouragement to the budded flower as she holds her hands to each side of it. In a gentle waving motion, as if trying to lift something repeatedly, she'd try and encourage it to bloom

Hey little buddy, its time to wake up. Show your new friend Tath what you've been waiting for. Come on.

The bud would start to split, winkly pedals being just starting to be visible where they part

Oh! There it is, good going buddy, just a little more. I know you've got more to show.

With a bit more waving and encouragement, the daisy would open up into a full bloom, she looks up to Tath, full of pride for the little flower


Carnie Name: Teth'Ranin
Race: Xeth'Tar
Age: 1,734 Years (Adult)
Description: Teth'Ranin is a 7'4&" tall Xeth'Tar. She has no visible mouth or nose and is lacking any ears, instead only having ear holes. Her eyes are two pure emerald green orbs which only occasionally blink. Her skin is smooth, dark grey, and hairless, across her entire body. In between her ribs on either sides are gill-like slits that flare open with each breath to reveal a meat-red interior with fleshy webbing. Her legs are digitigrade and end in raptor-like feet tipped with long black claws. Her legs are heavily muscled, giving her good speed and strength, and the rest of her body is tightly fit and toned. She has four fingers, including her thumb, and each ends with short and stubby black claws. She speaks via telepathy.

Her normal clothing is a simple fur skirt that reaches most of the way down her thighs and a tight fitting cloth strap that covers her chest only, leaving the rest of her torso exposed. Most of the time however she's armored in brown and white carapace plate, made from the bones and husks of dead monsters she's slain in the past. This armor covers her head to toe, exposing only her eyes so she can see. It's tilted at an angle and overlapped over her breathing slits to allow her to, well, breath. She carries a bundle of javelins on her right hip, a curved sword on her left, and a carapace shield on her left arm.
Carnival Job: Security
Bio: Teth'Ranin hails from a far off and isolated island nation that was home to the Ranin Empire, now the Ranin Republic. She served as a royal guard for the Ranin Queen up until a military coupe occurred, overthrowing the royal family and making any who opposed it traitors. After failing to stomp the Republic down Teth'Ranin was forced to flee, wandering foreign lands until finally arriving at Beliotha and joining the caravan as a security guard to earn herself some coin while she figures out what to do with herself.
Example RP: Teth stares down at the halfling thief with a cold gaze, one large hand wrapped firmly around his shoulder and holding him in place. Her smooth and sing-songy voice rings sharply in his head. "Your luck does not save you from my telepathy, thief. You should plan your heists better next time." She roughly pulls him along until they reach the entrance to the carnival. There she raises a foot and kicks him out the front gate. "Do not try returning, others may not be as kind as I was." She pivots on a foot and marches back into the carnival, resuming her patrol.


-Carnie name: Velch Vari

-Race: Kitsune-Tsuki (Born)

-Effective Age: 47 - Late Stage Tsuki

-Former Job: Acquisitions And Diversions Specialist

-Carnival Job: Inarticulate Vulpine Screeching Pending Assignment - (In Training)

Description: Velch is a 6'1, lean, Kitsune-Tsuki. The lightly tanned, somewhat muscular fox weighing in at somewhere between 140 and 160lb is surprisingly fit for a given specimen of his species. Piercing yellow eyes peer at his surroundings from a face framed by particularly unkempt, straight black hair, the tangled mess showing signs of neglect and home barbering- presumably severed with a knife whenever it grew inconveniently long. A pair of black, white tipped, pointed vulpine ears protrude from the matted mess, the ears matched by a similarly patterned, long furred tail protruding from his lower spine. A handful of small freckles and scars dot the vulpine's tanned skin, although none of them are particularly notable. Most recently, the fox's most common expression has been a pained, fangfilled snarl, his otherwise striking features twisted in inarticulate rage, his clawed fingers balled into fists. Another recent change has been in his physical build- unwanted biomantic alterations softening his otherwise masculine form, much to his dismay.

-Bio: Velch was born to uncertain parents somewhere in the vicinity of Beliotha City. Abandoned on the steps of an orphanage as a baby, presumably due to his atypical physiology; Velch grew up a relatively quiet, albeit stubborn and occasionally violent child. The other orphans quickly learned it was simply best to exclude him, he didn't want to talk to them, they didn't want to talk to him, and the last one to try harassing him got a finger bitten off.

The vulpine spent much of his childhood sitting by himself. Reading, introspecting, and otherwise doing his own thing. His significant distaste for food of any sort- which he frequently referred to as tasteless was a cause for much concern to the orphanage staff. Kids need food, after all, however with his relatively stable weight and lack of obvious malnutrition, the concerns died down as the years dragged on.

Velch remained like this throughout much of his early teens, finding very little interest in his fellow urchins, often wandering off orphanage premises to watch the far more vibrant market crowds. They felt more 'real' to him. More 'energetic.' The shapes and flows of various meandering people bleeding into a dimly colored tapestry in the back of his mind. Prickles of dulled flavor bubbling around him.

And then one day he saw a bright green light amidst the tapestry. A taste unlike any other. A delectable wave. An adrenaline fueled Thrill. He decided, as it began to fade amidst the ambiance, that he would very much like to have some more. He followed the taste home, the lingering scraps a delicious trail, familiar buildings blurring to unknowns as he crossed the districts. No attention given to his surroundings.

Velch met the man he would come to think of as a father with an unceremonious, dazed bump into the leg of the Thrill's source. The immediate density, as well as the trail of specks having sated a hunger he hadn't known he'd had.

He'd bumped into a man named Elchbold. A career thief whom had been attempting to lose him for the past five hours and had hit wits end. A quick Q&A session found a rapidly tiring Velch getting carted off to the man's safehouse. The fox was asleep before they even reached the door.

Velch awoke to a far brighter tapestry. The dull bubbling in the back of his skull had erupted into a crackling flame. There was energy where before there had been nothing. Elchbold had been awaiting his awakening. An Empath was useful, the man declared. He'd be taught the trade and he'd be fed. He'd have a place.

Elchbold made true on his pronouncement in the following decades. Velch learned the Rules, he learned how to find a mark, how to cut a purse, how to work as a group or alone. He was taught to appraise, how to barter, to pick and bypass locks, to slip unnoticed through crowds, to disguise oneself, and many other skills of the trade. The fox even found a handful of other desired flavors during his apprenticeship, from Elchbold, random civilians, and even the odd guard. Joy, Mania, Defiance, Stubbornness, Glee, Desire. Each one bringing with it a short coma and a new awareness and tinge to his world. His budding arcana expressing itself through the plentiful flavors of the city.

However all good things come to an end, one way or another. Elchbold buggered up. He got caught twice in short succession. He didn't have a payment ready. He broke the third Rule and found himself imprisoned. Velch would be left to his own devices for a number of years. He continued as he had, visiting his adoptive father frequently in the dead of night, his blooming skill as an illusionist blinding the wardens to his presence. The odd care package or associate's message being dropped. News of the outside world. Quiet, moonlit chats.

Time marched on. A traveling circus came to town one day. Velch filched the crowds as he often would on an idle afternoon. And then he made the mistake that would prove to bring him naught but misery. He stole from Foreigners in their place of power, and Foreigners don't follow the Rules. They don't take payments. They don't have the Agreement to still their hand. Velch was abducted and pressed into slavery. Velch is not a happy fox. The Rules need a new Rule.

-Example rp:

Velch slowly drifts amidst the crowds, the black haired vulpine bumping lightly against fellow sightseers and tourists with relative frequency, the fox taking in the scents and flavors of hundreds of sapients worth of emotion. Lightly muscled limbs steadying those whom he oh so clumsily stumbled into, murmured apologies and the slightest twinge of azure foxfire distracting marks from both his lightly tanned, toothily grinning face and his true targets- their wallets and coinpurses. Clawed fingers slipping into pockets and severing purse strings. The emptied shells discarded to the ground a dozen meters away, to be trodden upon by the masses of fairgoers as he melts into the meandering crowds. A good haul, all things considered. Piercing eyes flick amidst the sea of people, his furred, pointed ears perked as he peruses, picking out the rich and poor alike. Having just relieved a particularly lucrative mark of his wallet, he pockets the currency in his pouchladen, light leather jacket. The vulpine tossing the emptied currency carrier behind him, stretching out in a back popping yawn, his lengthy, furred tail curling in the air, the appendage trailing from a seemingly self-tailored hole in his trousers.