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Universe Generator?


Hi my name is Marckenson, I have some question about Universe Generator. First, is our planet Earth and our moon and our solar system and our galaxy present in Universe Generator or is it just the universe as well? If our Earth is included, is the Earth detailed, Second, is it our true universe or is it fictional? Also, Universe Generator is simply a randomizer or it applies scientific principles during the generation, taking into account the issues of astronomy, physics, atmospheric chemistry and planetary sciences during the generation process? Who means the universe is positioned exactly as in real life, in the right place, example planets, galaxy solar system? Third, as I understand it, can I create a video game with your product, like space engine, star citizen and elite dangerous ? Fourth, once the product is purchased, how to install it and how does it work? Do you have tutorials ? Fifth, if I want to search the Earth from your product, how do I do ? Sixth, can i import all the universe with your product on Unity ? Seventh, how to export Unity file to blender ?

Thank you for answering all my questions !


Hi, did we answer this in the discord or are you someone else?