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The validation system


Many of you will be wondering why there is a validation system in the way of new players coming in to play the game. The reason is that if we want to maintain the integrity of the narratives that we write and enjoy then we will need to make sure that there is at least a minimum amount of literacy and respect for roleplaying held by each member of the community and the standards of this should be set by the community itself.

As such, ever player that joins this community will need to go through a phase of validation, where they are able to roleplay on the forums but still not able to join the majority of others within the game itself, once it exists. Validation is a simple process, you just need to impress another already validated member enough for them to validate you too, but in doing so they take a portion of the responsibility of your behavior from that point. If you cause enough complaints, then that person will be investigated for being too lenient. This means that anyone who validates a hoard of bots will be invalidated, and all those bots that they brought in.

If you are invalidated, you are still able to be validated again by another person, though your history will be provided to that person until you prove yourself as a capable role player to the wider community.