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The toss


An origional fantasy setting with unorigional ideas.

Mechanical systems you want to represent:

  • Personal combat (Needs to be fun)
  • Stratigic large scale conflict (Needs to be fun to set up and use)
  • Modular weapon/item system
  • simplified expenses for infistructure
  • Player characters are exceptional persons compaired to the general population
  • Playing characters need depth and customization

After a Utopian society faced a self inflicted catastrophy, the fallen reminents of its people allow the existing governing body to dissolve in favor for better representation through city-states. With typically unique outlooks on how life should be for their citizens, other city-states have saught to expand their power outside the reaches of their typical holdings. This naturally lead to wars, and with war comes the need to defend oneself.

A few aspiring city-states pushed hard for their population to bolster themselves into standing militas, to add a signifigant degree of defensive potential; to seige their city was to fight every man and woman in it. An unconsidered consiquence of putting power back directly into the hands of the people they governed over showed itself in a pecurliar manner. The citizens in the militas quickly formed what the state would have one believe were gangs and thugs. But these armed citizens were simply that, citizens still looking out for what was best for those around them.

Soon these 'gangs' would identify themselves, taking names and standing to defend their cities togeather. It wasn't more than fifty years before the first of the guilds were formed to better manage the talents of those 'gangs' within the citys. This lead to the Guilds growing to hold substantial power, even enough to challange the State themselves if they wished.

This lead to a tentitive alliance between the military power of the state of the raw manpower the Guilds garnered. Rules were set in place that dictated how a guild could be formed and fees established to allow the states to feel more in control. A unique culture would form that spread infectiously between other city-states due to the resounding success of what some saw as an absolutely insane principles being put into practice. With the guilds being self-interested in the preservation of the city and the government that allowed them to be there, the standing military of these city-states could all but be dismantled, being replaced by a more or less free working mercenary army. This allowed these revolutionary cities to focus their taxes into regional development and expansion; to suprising and great success.

--The normal method of play for this game should be a week by week designed to set up the contract and whatever details will be given from said contract. The contract will dictate the scene, most of the rewards and they type of RP that will occure.

--Combat and Social interaction should be limited to a player having many physical ways of interacting with a sitution. Magic being a limited expression of the bigger -To be named- beings that some players can choose to interact with.

Guild Social Structure:
A guild traditionally came about by the merger of several large gangs of militiamen/women. However in the modern iterations, city states typically have moderate rules and regulations enforcing how a group of people can come togeather to seek work as a guild.

The bare minimum to form what is normally refered to as a 'Founders Association', stands as three individuals. A Founders Association is an early stage in the guild forming process. Several likeminded or trusting people pooling their assets and signing the nessisary documentation to eventually becoming a guild once the pre-requisits for population and earning potential. While there is no set in stone caste system for a Founders Association, it is common that a single member will take on the roll of Lord or lady, another to the roll of Ser and finally the third being deemed simply as Master.

While no spesific skillsets are required to take these possitions, they do have implications as such; The Lord/Lady's stands as the diplomatic backbone of the origionzation and is expected to not only be able to speak for but defend the guild during proceedings- reguardless of whether they are verbal or physical. The Ser's typically manages the military force presented by guilds ala Man-at-Arms. The Master's focus primarily on the domestic studies of their guild- things like trade, taxes and other tasks that are overall small but require considerable attention to maintain the health of the guild. In larger guilds, there are often multiple of each of these possitions. Depending on the hirarchy the guild has chosen to use, some of the larger ones choose to empower a single one of their Lord/Ser/Master to a possition known as Sire. A Sire stands above all else and typically has word of law over the whole of the orginization. They are a symbol of power and majesty and reflect the best the guild has to offer.

Guilds are in charge of their own social structure and can choose not to use the traditional titles, but this poses distinct challanges; as these titles are interwoven into how guilds not only interact with eachother, but the city-states that play host to them. An example of this: A guild no matter how big can assign a member of its ranks as Sire. This Sire will be allowed to attend all functions throughout the city as a Sire and may even be given similar luxuries in other cities. However for such a small guild to bost with this presentation of 'strength' is considered a signifigant inslut to all others who wear the title Sire. However... this isn't unheard of, and boldness may sometimes be recognized as a sign of great potential.

The lesser roles in the guild are dictated by the Lord, Master and Ser and can vary widely depending on how they want to see things run or the speciality their guild looks to advertise, However people are less willing to be hired onto jobs were they feel overworked and underpayed.