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The Lewd Coast


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Character Name: Datta Harva

Age: Young Adult of eighty-ish years.

Appearance: Datta is a twelve-hundred pound Male Naga measuring in at around twenty five feet in length from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. His lower body; being everything from his human-esqu waist down is that of an absolutely massive constrictor snake. Much a testament of his lineage, nearly the whole of his long lower body is patterned with matt-charcoal black scales. Down the length of this reptilian spine have formed dark purple scales of a thicker nature that draws a contrast to the rest of his visage with a flash of colour. Datta's upper body is that of a fairly normal humans. Being a little bit more heavy set, he tends to wear long sleeved or buttoned shirts that fit loose enough to be comfortable. Somewhat weathered and tanned Caucasian skin making up a burly build that often hides his muscular frame beneath. Having sandy blond hair and hazel eyes make Datta's upper body rather unremarkable, save the forked tongue and reptilian eyes. It is worth noting that Datta has no fangs besides the standard human Canines; there being no need for fangs without venom.

Biography: Stolen from his clutch while still an egg, Datta found himself without a home even before his story has had a chance to start. The perpetrators of the theft had it in there right minds that such a large egg would make for a fine breakfast in the morning. The greedy mooks however would meet a much different fate. Before they even had an opportunity to wake the next morning an enterprising adventurer of unknown origins dispatched them in their sleep for the coin in their coffers and all of their valuable worldly possessions. Datta was taken as a part of this haul, off to the nearest town and hopefully a pawnbrook who wouldn't ask to many questions about what he was buying.

In a heated attempt to barter with a grey-ing gentlemen over the value of the looted possessions, the adventurer wouldn't notice Datta's egg cracked and chipped from the inside, the creature breaking free. Out of it crawled the confused and helpless small Nagaling, no bigger than a large house cat. His juvenile life hung in the balance between this merchant and the man who had procured him and this merchant. In an act of kindness the merchant would make an offer that quickly sent the adventurer out of his shop with a heavy-set purse. With little chance of tracking down this small creatures home, he would set naively to the gargantuan task of raising him. This led to many happy times as well as a lot of difficulties for the older man. More often than not as Datta grew, he would make efforts to help his aging father figure with his shop... this had obvious mixed results as he often eating more food than he could ever pay for with his labors.

Being what he was, a Naga, a being of Magical affinity, he showed a healthy curiosity in the magical bobbles and trinkets that often came through the shop. This would lead to his eventual study of many different magical arts, with little progress made to any one school of study as they all proved fascinating to him in one degree or another. Slowly growing more and more adept with magic in general, he found a particular method of arcane practice as quite apt to his pursuits. Runes provided him with an outlet for his curiosity, often ending with explosive results. While long preparation and execution of rituals allowed him to reach powers that typically would be beyond his normal capabilities.

As humans tend to do, the aging man passed on, leaving his adoptive child with a little more than a few problems. With the old mans shop being left to distant relatives, and a feeling of being unwelcome in the town due to what he was, He decided that it would be best if he packed what he owned and moved on. Traveling from town to town he often keeps to himself, not wanting to upset anyone by simply inconveniencing them with his massive size and the potential danger that he presented to peoples lives. he often spends most of his days reading, lounging in the sun and feeding his curiosity for his magical potential. This however has proven a difficulty for him.

He struggles with his bloodline, a magically adept one that has the potential to grow far more substantial in size without anything more than a healthy diet, but the key to growing their connection to the magical world around them came through the live digestion of magical beings to steal away their powers before they leave their bodies. This act disgusts Datta, however in more than one instance, eating a sentient creature has crossed his mind while torn and enthralled by his hunger. This has caused him to develop a very specific feeding habit... Isolating himself in the wilderness in fear of the feral instincts that take over his higher thinking mind. Removing himself so that he no longer run the risk of harming people around him.

Skills: Through his studies, Datta has accumulated a functional knowledge of a lot of the elemental magics... in execution functional is all one would be able to describe them as. His prowess really rests in his affinity for the Arcane. But with his moral limitations preventing him form overcoming his physical limitations, he has grown stunted with his capacity to actually progress in any field practically. This has caused him to adopt the use of rituals and preparation to greatly multiply what he is capable of in the moment. Oh, also he is massive... the sheer size of his body gives him a great deal of strength and an appearance that much to Datta's chagrin will make peasants reach for their pitchforks and torches.


Character Name: Thalesri Billowsworth

Race: High elf

Age: Young Adult

Skills: Arcane magic, being social, excels in her studies, dancing, and being overtly friendly.

Biography: Thalesri's family haven't always been the most well off. She was born to a failing noble household that's reputation was stained, both her mother and fathering squandering their wealth on luxuries and failed investments. Thalesri meanwhile was passionately learning about all the dos and don'ts of nobility, quickly exceeding what her mother could teach her.. Though, her parents often spoiled her, giving her anything she needed even if they couldn't afford it. Aswell as wanting to breed a noble, not a child. She was never scolded or told "no", which made her upbringing all the more macabre when she was being praised for finding out her magic affinity by burning the tails off local street cats. They learned through these actions she could channel magic like a natural, the girl having an affinity for the arcane arts, being able to be ahead of the curse when it came to most up and coming magic users. Her parents, wanting their daughter to put these talents to use and if they're lucky, bring them out of their horrible living state enrolled her in CloudCrystal academy to prepare her for the noble life!

It wasn't as grand as Thenalar Academy, but it's the only finishing school they could afford, and Thalesri excelled at everything put in her way. Her carefree attitude and friendly disposition always got her into the popular groups, finding everyone there to be positively pleasant! Though naive, she often thought everyone she met to just be a friend she hadn't made yet, she was a woman of the people there. It didn't matter what your creed or background with, Thalesri just enjoyed the company of others, and especially the parties people had!

So when it came to the yearly pageant with the imposing Thenalar academy, Thalesri trained and prepared every day leading up to it, and ended up blowing people's expectations of CloudCrystal Academy! Her and her team despite everything made the the judges and crowd fall for their charm and grace, making history for their academy, and themselves!

Though, disaster struck. A freak housefire happened and burned her family's estate to the ground, everything she once had and everything she knew was all but ash in the morning. The only reason she survived was that she stayed at a friend's home said night, but alas her family and servants weren't as lucky. Burned down with the house and her family's legacy, Thalesri was...Rather unphased. She obviously was sad, but there was still a strong sense of her care free nature, as if this sort of thing was expected for a long time.

The actual lord of the nobles district, Worrin took pity on the now homeless and orphaned girl, offering her shelter in his own home. Since without it, there's no knowing what may happen to an elven girl like herself, whether it be racism or starving on the streets! She gladly took it, now lacking a roof to sleep under. After Worrin took her in, she would soon be formally invited to join Thenalar. Excited at the chance to meet all sorts of new people there! Given that CloudCrystal was near Thenalar, she wouldn't be losing her old friends either. So, she eagerly awaited until the doors of Thenalar would open up again, excited to experience something new!


Character Name: Ani Nealran

Age: 29

Skills: Decent social, merchantile and captaining skills. Experienced practitioner of magic.

Personality: An ambitious, responsible and trustworthy person.

Appearence: A very muscular and well-toned human male, with a distinctively East Asian look, and a well-defined, oval-shaped face that could be seen as mildly feminine - Trait often seen as an attractive trait in East Asian male.

His hair is blue, and is styled in a short crew cut.

[Magic details below]

Ani’s magical heritage come from study, originating from the Touan line (Made up name). Like other scientific (Or really, any knowledge pursuit), this magic system in based on study and practice. Mages of his heritage must channel their mental power into a spell, ritual or portable, and recite / mentally project complex ritual / equations in order to cast the magic successfully (How that work underneath the hood is not explained because we don’t have actual magic IRL to compare it to). In a sense, it is just like any other scientific pursuit.

One of the biggest barrier to those magic is that they could be expensive, often consuming alchemical materials and/or precious metals to cast those magic. However, the most expensive part is often the repeated practice needed to get the hang of the magic and to be able to cast it proficiently and safely. As a result, it is an act mostly practiced by the privileged. A mage can know many spells, but the journey there could be financially ruinous, and make a modern day American college education seems dirt-cheap. Good mages and those who study well can make the path cheaper, but it is never without its cost.

Currently, Ani know how to perform the following spells:
Ritual Body-Creation: Limited to mundane (i.e. no strong magical abilities) small and medium creatures, up to roughly human size. Often cost a gram of silver per a kilogram of body mass, varying by 100 – 200% depending on the body quality, weather, and his mood of the day.

Requires rune and elaborate setup

Ritual Body-Control: Allow him to form a connection to a surrogate, soulless body, again ritually placed. He can snap in and out of it back into his original body at will – And if somehow lost, he could also use the surrogate body as the real body. Unfortunately for his immortal master-plan, he can only form one link at a time. Luckily, he can still project his magical power even in his surrogate form. Costs fifty grams of silver or so.

Like all ritual magic, it requires rune and elaborate setup.

Ritual Morphing: A type of magic that allows him to add to, remove parts from and modify body – So long as the one being modified is not resisting, or restrained. It can include species change and adding in body parts like much-beloved cat ears. However, he must have a “sample” of the changes he wants to work to if it is big. For example, to turn someone into a slime person, there must be a slime nearby for him to mentally take in images and information from. The ritual itself of course, cost silver depending on how radical the change is, with species change potentially costing as much as creating a new body.

Tattoo Magic: A technique developed to make complex magic portable – The practitioner tattoo simplified representation of magical equations onto their body – A way to imitate the inner magical circuit. These tattoos could transfer into surrogate body and enable them to cast portable magic (It seems to be attached to the soul instead of the body).

Moving from ritual to at-will magic unfortunately, take a lot of practice, and he hasn’t managed to put any of his ritual skills onto his body yet.

Biography: Son of a rich merchant belonging to the Ani family from a foreign city, Nealran was born into a comfortable house and enjoyed a privileged upbringing. His father, however, wanted Nealran become more than he is – He did not want his son to simply inherit his wealth and do what he has been doing decades. Placing high hope in his son, he sent him to a magic & generalist school, where he received a stellar education in language, mathematic and magical science (Where he come from, magic is studied scientifically, even if it is somewhat random at time)

He did well in his placement test and entered a prestigious College of Magic, where he specialized in runic ritual magic and body runic magic, and took multiple classes in morphological magic. Like most magic rituals in his country, although potent, they require a large amount of practice like mathematics, and is costly to pursue as they need to continually consume and use up expensive metals and alchemical materials to practise magic so they can become embedded in their mind and inner magical circuits.

He graduated from his school with honour at the age of 26 and learned how to perform ritual surrogate-body creation, body-morphing and how to tattoo and embed magic into the body (An art he is trying to master). After his graduation, he returned home and made his father happy with the result of his study, and told him he wished to continue his adventures so he can learn more. His father decided to leave the family estate to his younger siblings, and sent him off with a considerable sum of money toward Asserino so he could make his own living, and hopefully leave many descendants to make his father proud.

It’s been three years since his arrival, and he has managed to make a comfortable living launching naval expeditions, and gained much experience in launching naval raids. He now has a career as a privateer, and slave-trader, and is trying to gain more money to fund his expensive study. He is now trying to found a company of slave-trader and expedition-launcher.


Character Name: Freydis Gred (Roll the r when you pronounce it)

Race: Moth-Human

Age: 23 Ish?

Skills: Strong Chemical Sense tracking skills, Flight, Martial Skill, Strength based feats/blessings. Reasonable tactical sense. (Would be Barbarian/Paladin of Kord/Monster). Disoriented by light, but able to decode scent on the wind. Wings also release dust with a minor hypnotic and seductive effect. She can produce silk from her abdomine, and has an acidic bite with which to sever the silk she creates.

Biography: Daughter of the high priest of Kord in the Champion's district, Fredis has been raised to be a champion of Kord by her father. Her life has been dominated by Martial and strength training as well as reverence of strength itself. Having been exposed to the Colosseum since childhood, it has a great significance to her and ever since she had come of age, she had competed in the arena as others, and had never met an equal capable of claiming her as their prize.

Her father had always been extremely proud of her, and the blessings bestowed upon her by Kord and has been distraught since she had been lost in the Carvers pit while on an expedition to capture more monsters for the Colosseum where she was finally defeated and claimed by the denizens within. There she was trapped and force to bare many moth-children, eventually transforming into one of them herself, her mind atrophying to think of little more than protecting her new sisters, breeding and securing new sources of food and stock.

She was once a tan amazonesque woman of six and a half feet, with golden hair long enough to tie into knee length strands which were uncut despite much combat due to kord's blessings. Now her skin takes a more pale pink purple hue, and has various parts of her body covered in soft blond fuzz. Her new moth-like body has gifted her with flight and the ability to decipher a high amount of chemical information via her antennae, however it has taken much of her intelligence, and cursed her with a weakness to light. Both in fascination and disorientation. Her extra arms and insectoid body has further increased her strength which was already substantial. Her and her moth sisters are also able to produce silk, and sever it with a acidic bite. Their flapping wings produce a dust with a minor hypnotic and seductive effect when inhaled.

She still wields her signature weapon, a combination of a man-catcher and poleaxe that became her symbol within the arena, as well as a useful tool for monster hunting. With a combat style involving devastating leaps down upon her target, to pin their neck to the ground between the two prongs of a wide crescent with all her weight due to foot holds along the pole, The outer edged sharpened like an axe. She would often use this to disable her arena opponents and humiliate them, Or stun larger monsters long enough for a team to tie them down while hunting.

Recently, she has arrived back in Asserine after having tracked some viable men on their retreat from the pits where they captured one of her sisters. She successfully freed her sister from capture, After-which she deemed the city of strong strategic importance due to the large population there. So seeks to create a new nest.