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The Lewd Coast


Category Title: The Lewd Coast

Group Name: Sinful

Group tag: Sinners

Setting: A coastal city that's abundant with sexual activity. The rules for said acts vary from each district, each having their own view on said acts.

(Its based loosely on this if you need inspiration, not a hard guide though


Rules: No dice system for now, at most it'll be a d20 system, but the general jist of the rp will be roleplay focused.

Content Rules: Any sexual content is allowed, same with violence. R-18 Rp. Nothing under age.
You don't have to engage in such things, if you wish to avoid them make a character that logically can. Romance still exists here.

Application example:

Character Name: Salak

Age: Young Adult (Can be specific or a general area of age)

Skills: Seduction, post-coitus assassination, smooth talking, bardic magic. (This section you can list what your chars good at, notable skills that they have for reference)

Biography: Salak was a kobold priest, son of the leader of his kobold tribe. Said tribe was aligned with a grey dragon, watching and acquiring countless riches for their draconic overlord. However, Salak was a vain kobold, he wanted riches and exotic women all to himself. He'd tasted the surface before, much of his young life underground, albeit treated much better than the average kobold. In an act of betrayal to his parents and tribe, the Kobold abandoned them, running away to a port city where he would live on the seas. A kobolds small and agile nature would come in handy to many, and give him ample opportunity to see the world, and make tons of money. Though, most of all, the kobold just wanted to have someone to share his bed at nights, soon docking at the pleasure capitol of the land in order to do just that.

Information: The city of Asserine has long been seen as the city equivalent of a brothel. Sex here is common, willing or not. It attracts people from all around the land that wish to indulge in the darkest of their pleasures, or even, just an abundance of common ones. The city is broken into 7 districts, of which have varying views of the cities sexual nature.

Merchants District: The lifeblood of the city, the go to place to purchase fresh produce and livestock. Much of the cities economy is here, as the high birthrate puts food on high demand. Sexual services are also sold here, but admittedly you can find sex in most of the other districts as well.

Nobles District: The elite of the city make their home here, the people who run the city enjoy a life of pleasure and excess the same as the citizens of the city, though are able to do whatever their heart desires. Nobles are of the few who can make residence in the city, and still keep their virginity. Virginity of one's daughters is often a commodity of the nobles, many noblemen paying high prices for such a pleasure. The daughters of said nobles as can attend finishing schools to make them better wives for their eventual arranged marriages. Along with that, the esteemed Witchwarden tower makes it residence here, the largest seat of magic in Asserine. The temple of Wee Jas is the dominant religion here.

Champions District: The home of the cities gladiators. Much like the rest of the city, it's quite perverse. Men and women are pitted in the arena, a range of combatants that are sent in for the entertainment of the audience. The participants are often slaves, being put in scenarios that are unfairly balanced to give the audience a rousing fight, and a public raping afterwards provided by the victors. The champions district is the go to place to find weaponry and a good fight. Kord is worshiped here.

Cudgel District: A sanctuary compared to the rest of the city, many sexual acts allowed in other districts are prohibited in this residential area. Though it's costs are high, it has some of the best security Asserine has to offer. The Cudgel boasts a well armed group of City Watchmen, the citizens inhabiting this area much more wrathful and wary compared to others. the church of St Cuthbert keeps this stability while A smaller yet more imposing religious order dedicated to Cevelis, god of celibacy makes its home here, its members usually expending their pent up feelings through masochistic tenancies. A third mysterious church sits wrapped in massive chains, rumors say that no one who enters has ever left.

Shadowshore District: Seen as a haven for those who are on the wrong side of the law, the Shadowshore district lies in the shadow of the champion's district, making itself home to the black market. While unknown to the average citizen, many roguish people come here to acquire illegal drugs and items, most notably potent aphrodisiacs that are not allowed under the cities laws, powerful enough to permanently damage one's mind. Assassins, rapists, thiefs, all are most common in this part of the city. Most districts don't interact with shadowshore, not wanting to attract it's inhabitants towards their own.

Sunrise District: Seemingly similar to the Cudgel, a residential district which while not as safe as the Cudgel, has many homes that are quite safe. A group of treasure hunting adventures have set up in this district, known as the seekers. They're an organization that has a presence in almost every major city, though the ones in Asserine have found many treasures of sexually deviant origin..

Rumors have surfaced of the Church the Whirling Fury, the main owners of the district, to be affiliated in bringing demons to the realm. Blood sacrafices, consorting with succubi and incubi...Though, these rumors have never been truly confirmed.

Azure District: The main port area of Asserine, this is where exotic animals and slaves are brought in from all over the world. Imports and exports are shipped through this area, making it one of the largest sources of income in the city. The laws here aren't very strict, allowing many immigrants and illegal items to come into the city unnoticed. The azure district also has loose laws on bestiality, the exotic animals not exempt from being used as such. Lastly, the slaves bought here have served variety of services, anything the buyer could need them for. Slavery is one of the main reasons of the diversity of Asserine, half breeds making up a decent amount of the population.

News Blog

Character Name: Feeya

Age: Young Adult

Skills: Ability to Psionically alter their own body as a disguise as well as manipulate emotions Psionically to help her attract customers to buy things from her. (I actually built a d&d sheet for them, They are a Psion Egoist 1)

Feeya is a blessing to her tribe, Dragonwrought of an amethyst dragon and holding similar psionic powers. Shes first on the mind of many of her tribe when it comes time to breed, encouraged not just by her lilac scales and self-perfect form, but by a duty to further her strong draconic blood.

While this is true, the all watcher of their tribe was forced to recognize that the sheer number of suitors seeking her out wouldn’t actually produce more children and that she had a severe negative impact on the workers progress due to her distracting presence. The all watcher wisely had another important use for her, as her psionic abilities were perfect for maintaining trade with the nearby city of Asserine she could remain disguised indefinitely and bring greater wealth and wider political power to their tribe if given the chance.

Feeya was grateful for this change of pace, as the daily grind had begun to become quite dull for her. She had wider aspirations beyond broodmare, shes a dragon! She should have hoards of treasure of her own. Though she loves her tribe and will do anything she can to make it grow, why can that not include her having all the benefits that would be afforded to her once she fully perfects her form as a true dragon?

For now, she plans to take great pride in flexing her powers for the tribe and establish trade with Asserine, a storefront would be the first step to diplomacy. Once she deposits this last egg in the hatchery her journey can begin!


Character name: Zimwyn Nimyn

Age: Young Adult (40)

Skills: The ability to steal spells from other casters to use as her own during a sneak attack, she has the ability speak with animals for short periods and to create small displays of light and sound and other illusions. She is naturally sneaky and quick to spot traps and tricks. (relates to the Spellthief from d&d 3.5)

Bio: Zimwyn is a 3ft Gnome female with royal blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair and naturally tan skin. She enjoys good food, good company, and good times. She can often be found in the tavern, making jokes and doing her best to entertain everyone. She has spent her entire life on the road, moving from town to town. She is from a large family of successful traveling bards, musicians and craftsmen. She was raised by the members of her extended family, all of which participated in her upbringing to one extent or another. Zimwyn formed a strong bond with one of the giant weasel’s that pull their caravans, she named him Volin. He would let her ride him and at night they were often found curled up, his soft brown fur keeping her warm as they sleep through the night. She couldn’t imagine her life without him.

A few generations before Zimwyn the god of rogues, music, revelry and tricks, Olidammara, appeared in the town the caravan had stopped in, he was drawn to the group because they already demonstrated so many of the traits he values. He told them he would bless their family line with his blood if they would worship him and pass down his teachings. Zimwyn inherited natural magical talents were noticed early on it as it is not uncommon among her family, because of their links to Olidammara. The city of Asserine is one of her families’ favourite places to visit and they have been many times, because it was the birthplace of the magical talent in her family line, four generations before her. This hot bed of thievery, tricks and revelry attracted the god Olidammara and bought his grace upon them. Asserine is like a holiday from her life on the road, all she wants to do is play!


Character Name: Plata de'Oro

Species: Construct

Age: Young adult(?)

Skills: Weaponization of pheromones. They collect such things in built in containers and release them in a form of breath attack by opening their mouth and expelling the concentrated gases in a hopeful attempt to stun, distract or incapacitate a target by overwhelming them with a sense of lust. It's not always effective, but they're working on it. They're expert at alchemy, but they mostly focus their research on pheromones.

Appearance: Plata is a 6ft tall construct of a very specific design. They have a chassis resembling a female body. Her head is is silver, with golden plates placed across her head to resemble hair. Her 'hair' is smooth flat, with a singular curl just over her forehead. Two, faintly glowing, blue circles are built into the face, resembling eyes, with metallic sheets functioning as eyelids to allow the imitation of expression. Her upper torso is silver, containing two metallic breasts that serves no purpose beyond cosmetic. The bottom of the silver breast-chassis is hollow, with a singular tube resembling a spine extending down to her hip area, where the tube seems to fork into a heart-shape with a magical orb in its center, which grants her life. Her legs are fully armored with a silver chassis down to her feet, which are permanently shaped like a pair of shoes. A pair of strong, glass containers are built into her back, with tubes reaching out from the top that connects to the back of her head.

Biography: Plata was the creation of a sexually active gnome specialist. The gnome was a genius, although they spent less time creating revolutionary inventions and more time having fun with anybody they could bring to their beds or just working on useless projects that only function to satisfy his curiosities. Plata was one of those projects. She was created in a manner that mixed magic with clockwork, in attempt to create a form of magically powered construct that would be significantly immune to being disenchanted to death. This perhaps sounded useful, but the gnome decided to mix things up by making pheromones the source of powers. With the assistance of many individuals who have been.. paid handsomely for their efforts, the gnome had finally created a singular orb, enchanted with sentience and ready to be placed in a robotic body. There was another problem, though. The orb - the thing that, if broken, could completely kill the machine forever, needed to be exposed at all times to be able to charge itself with pheromones. The good news was, they wouldn't be able to immediately die by some silly disenchantment spell. The bad news, the orb needed to be completely exposed to the elements in order to work. This didn't bother the gnome as much, but this would be a risk the construct would have to face every living second of their existence.

With Plata fully functional, the gnome started to teach them alchemy and give them task. Plata was fueled with the gnome's sexual actions, so it was a symbiotic relationship. The gnome could have all the sexy times they desired, and the construct would be fueled by the aroma and take on projects and tasks for the gnome. Unfortunately, one day, the gnome felt a bit too attached to Plata and tried to bed the robot. Plata didn't react too fondly to her own creator, rejecting their offer and making up excuses.
"I do not have the necessary organs to preform such things."
"I must focus on the task at hand"
"I cannot do such things"
She kept avoiding and rejecting offers to grant her 'upgrades' that would allow her to preform such things with her creator. This angered the gnome, which lead to Plata being literally kicked out from the place she worked on. Homeless, Jobless and mildly confused, Plata found herself in need of new sources of pheromones to stay alive. Thankfully, her creator had invited many people from many places. She had overheard something about a civilization near the coasts that had normalized sexual acts. Perhaps she could go there to find a new purpose, a new master or a new job. With a single tank full of pheromones, she set off towards her new destination, hoping to see a new chapter to her life.


Character Name: Eizela Rowan (Pronounced Eye-Zela Row-An)

Race: Human Undead (Ghost/Spectre)

Appearance: Eizela appears to be at least Twenty Four years old to anyone that knows much about humans. She has very pale skin that seems almost too silky and white to be natural in direct daylight. Her face is framed on either side by neatly cut black hair that flows straight down her back. She's a bit short, only 5' 5", but is known to use her ghostly powers to openly float to appear an inch or two taller than people if she feels like it. Despite how sweet and kind she may act sometimes Eizela tends to wear tight and short cut dresses that one wouldn't normally picture on a librarian, nonetheless her beauty obviously helps get people interested in reading...

Skills: Extensive knowledge of the Occult, and other forms of Spooky Magic. (Not that she can really put it to any practical use as a ghost, but she is interested in spreading her knowledge to the living, people who can make proper use of it..)
She's also a self proclaimed master of organizing bookshelves.

Biography: Before and after her death Eizela remains an avid researcher of the Occult, she roamed the countryside in the adolescent years of her life reading and collecting as much literature as she could on the subject to an almost obsessive degree. Eventually the girl's passion driven collection of illegal or somewhat sacrilegious texts became too large for her to carry from town to town. To remedy this, on her twentieth birthday she purchased a small building on the far edge of the Merchant District (Closer to the Shadowshore District) to use as a mostly Private Library. It was a secluded little shop where she could contain and share the knowledge she had collected with those who could compensate her properly, as well as handle the books. Most people think the building is abandoned since there are no signs of it being a lived in building at all from the outside, but Eizela really just prefers to be awake and open the library at night.

Over the course of her career in delving into the depths of the occult she read about many dark sacraments and rituals, some with mixed results, she knew the power that could be gained in dealing demons, but It wasn't for her really. For the most part Eizela didn't seek power, only knowledge which she had plenty of in her library.. Though as she grew older and the pressures of life distracted her from her studies, Time became something she needed more of. She didn't even want to waste time or money eating food on some days, yet with her isolated nature few even knew she lived in Asserine on the twenty fourth year of her life she came into possession of a curious tome written by an unknown author in undeciphered text, upon translation it described a means to live forever, to shed the mundane distractions of mortality by offering your physical body to a demon. It was certainly the most detailed book she had ever read on the subject, describing the process to every exact detail.. She was excited by the mere thought of this, but also a bit sick to her stomach upon reading the rather detailed requirements.. Her fingers were still trembling as she flipped through it's accursed pages over and over again, slowly convincing herself to do the unthinkable..

No One would stop her, and with the offering of her own flesh and blood she opened an invitation to dark forces beyond her comprehension. In the darkness of her Library on the hour of the ritual something connected with her, like a finger pushing into her heart that sucked away all the warmth and feeling from her body. A voice called out to her, fulfilling her request for more time by ripping Eizela from her physical body. When she came too moments later her body was mysteriously gone, and Eizela found herself able to float above the ground appearing as a ghostly image of her former self.. Some people would regret a decision made so hastily, but as a spectre Eizela was still able to read, with proper practice she could turn the pages on books within days of the ritual so it wasn't that bad of a deal in her mind. She even managed to clean up all her blood and the organs that she 'found' and used to perform it. To her it didn't really matter that a demon was eventually maybe going to claim her soul for eternal servitude or something, she still had way more time to learn now that her physical limitations were no longer a problem!

Over the next few years Eizela remained the same in appearance, though her body only truly looked "normal" inside closed doors with as little sunlight as possible. Despite all of this she still remained a mysterious girl not exactly living in her library, only appearing at night to educate a scarce few people on proper library etiquette and how her bizarre shelf organization system works. Some religious folks would see her as a monster, but her discreet and secluded nature has kept her out of trouble as her library itself is only a rumor amongst a learned few, only those seeking forbidden magical knowledge would be likely to come across her, or just a stranger to Asserine that notices the candle light peeking out from inside a seemingly abandoned house in the dead of night.

Those who did come to her should be able to figure out her true nature rather easily, especially since she never really hides the fact that she's an apparition around trusted members of the library. Though unlearned people could just as easily get fooled by her simple friendly appearance, After all when Eizela is behind the front desk reading a book you can't even tell she's actually floating! As the years go on Eizela has become more lonely and needy for connection with anyone.. She wants to meet people interested in darker more interesting stuff like her. From time to time she's even thought about dating someone she likes for a while, before eventually convincing them pledge their soul to her so they could be ghosts together forever and ever, but it's a hard idea to sell to a living person, understandably. The ghost dating game is very lonely indeed..

(OOC Note: I'm willing to edit this if I need to change something to fit the rp, this is just a rough draft really, and it leaves out certain details that I'd rather get into more detail with via rp.)


Name: Celene Absalee (Also im the same person playing Feeya)

Race: Human

Appearance: Celene has dark shoulder length hair, usually she keeps herself disguised as a skinnier version of herself, but if shes caught unprepared it would be found that she is actually overweight like her mother. She tends to suit dark clothes and dresses, looking somewhat out of place in the pastel colors pushed to be worn by her instructors, choosing not to wear them if she doesn’t have to. Still, she likes to keep her clothes as elegant as one might wear when visiting an opera. Keeping them as sleek and tasteful as possible to avoid comparisons with her mother.

Skills The ability to temporarily bind a number of different 'vestiges' to her soul to gain certain abilities. While also sometimes influencing her personality if her own is not dominant enough.
A list of which can be found here:
From the beginning, she is able to bind:

  • Amon, From who she grows horns, gains the ability to see in the dark and fire breath. Who's influence would make her surly and irritable.

  • Aym, A star shaped brand appears on the palm of her left hand. The ability to wear heavy armour unimpeded, Wreath their body in fire, break objects easily and resist fire. Influence causes celene to become stingy/greedy and must give a coin to every dwarf after learning their name.

  • Leraje. Makes her look sickly and diseased, skin sallow and pockmarked. More skill in hiding, seeing in low light and an uncanny nack for ranged weaponry, able to ricochet arrows accurately. Her influence causing the bearer to become quiet and unassuming, The inability to attack any elf.

  • Naberius, Your voice deepens and acquires a gravelly, growling tone. The ability to magically alter your form at will, ability to recover quickly from draining magics/sickness. Ability to verbally command people to do things that they may not otherwise have done. Subtle knowledge to attempt skills the've never trained for and be more convincing in situations where one would otherwise be ignored(like combat). While you are influenced by Naberius, you love the sound of your own voice and are constantly pleased by your cleverness. Whenever you are presented with a pulpit, a stage, a talking stick, or any other place or object designed to give a speaker the floor, Naberius requires that you immediately seize the opportunity to speak. Any topic will do, but since Naberius resents others taking control of the discourse, he requires that you either shout them down or mock them.

  • Ronove. The flesh of your face settles into a frown or a smile (a frown if Celene succeeded in resisting her influence or a smile if she did not) and retains that general expression regardless of her actual feelings. Ronove gives you the power to fall any distance without harm, lift objects without touching them, and run like the wind. As well as grant significant unarmed combat experiance. Ronove’s influence makes you think that others doubt your abilities and competence. Despite what anyone says, you feel the constant need to prove your worth. In addition, Ronove requires that you consume neither food nor beverages including potions) for the entire time you remain bound to her.

Celene can only have one of these bound to her at a time and usually will remain bound to them until 24 hours have passed. Once a day she can attempt to expel a vestage from her, allowing her to bind a new vestage, but it will be much harder for her to resist her influences of the vestage she expels as well as the next one she binds regardless of if she succeeds. Beyond this, she tends to have a rather imposing and terrifying personality and has some knowledge of the occult, religions and magic.

Biography: Celene hails from the Nobles District as the daughter of Nylaria Absalee, the manager of the Asserine Opera House, and a huge woman who takes advantage of her ample frame to display outlandish dresses and hair styles. While Celene had inherited her mother’s body type, she did not seem to have her mother’s gregarious nature, finding the idea of showing herself off quite embarrassing due to a combination of being shown off while also being unfairly compared to the experienced performers of the opera house, teasing from others her age and overhearing people who would speak behind her mother’s back, which was the only way Celene ever heard clues about her father and brother.

She knew she had a twin brother, though her mother would get quite upset if she ever spent time thinking about it as he had been taken by the church for some reason. In reality, her mother had been the subject of a ritual which produced her children and purchased her status and opera house for her service. Twins were not expected, but since Celene didn't seem to have any of her brother's talents, Nylaria was allowed to keep her.

Celene still had a great interest in magic, which always worried her mother, not that Celene knew why. The temple of Wee-Jas and Witchwarden tower captured her imagination from an early age, curious of the older brother that was taken to be tutored privately from a young age within their walls.

She still didn’t show the talent needed to get in to Witchwarden tower through the usual process during her time at the house of the dragon either, despite trying her hardest as-well as risking the shame from all of the mostly good humored bragging to the rest of the occult club about the great secrets she would uncover and power she would hold once she got there, an ambition occult club members do seem to have a tendency to share.

The occult club was really little more than a small group of outcasts. Once she managed to position herself as it’s leader, Celene would often push them to go down to the market district’s Occult books store next to the Vandeboren manor so she didn’t have to go alone. She would have likely made some connections with the younger members of the family there.

Her mother found Celene's interest in magic and the occult and her lack of social grace as rather disturbing, especially since effectively losing one child to the church and took the opportunity to enroll Celene in Thenalar academy after she was unable to gain entry to the tower, hoping that the prestigious finishing school would turn her into a proper woman.

Celene was terrified, to be lined up and judged along side the sort of people who had been teasing her for most of her life was her worst nightmare, but the Celene who showed up to finishing school was not the Celene that those girls were expecting.

She spent a good portion of time whining to her friends before her freshman year at Thenalar Academy started and happened to go home one day from their now favourite hangout with a book containing the rituals necessary for binding Naberius, a Cerberus like vestige that granted her the ability to disguise herself as someone with the kind of body that she always was jealous of, as well as the power she had grown to crave.

Thenalar Academy was the oldest and most prestigious finishing school in Asserine, only the most wealthy and well bred could send their daughters there. It must have cost her mother a fortune. Though Celene wasn’t the most passionate student, her new gifts allowed her to approach it with the confidence necessary to survive in such a place.

Now with a lead, much of her own time was spent on further research into binding, importing books that seemed related to the one she had been given from across the seas. She loved the power and privilege she now found herself in, even sharing some of it with a few of her old occult club friends, perhaps as some attempt mend her own embarrassed ego after her bragging, secretly somewhat desperate for their admiration though the bitterness she had absorbed from her vapid new classmates was now quite uncomfortable, as she spoke as if they were privileged to be associated with her.

As Celene spent the next few years within Thenalar Academy, the dragon school occult club would go on without her, sharing binding to select students. On occasion a member was influenced by a vestige or challenged to a task to prove their loyalty to the club attracting the attention of guards. This was usually seen as simple troubled teens, but the increase in fires threatened more serious investigations from the authorities.

By the time it came to the yearly pageant competition with the up and coming CloudCrystal academy of which Celene would take part, rumors were already being whispered about behind her back due to her being the club’s prior leader. There is only so many gravelly voiced rants on the occasions that Naberius’ influence on her became more apparent that someone can blame on illness when you refuse to seek help.

After a grueling judging, even though she had exploited her new powers to gain as many advantages as she could, even to the point of sabotage. A truly talented girl from the CloudCrystal Academy lead her team to victory against the odds, forcing the haughty Thanalar Academy members to acknowledge the girls from CoudCrystal Academy with Celene taking partial blame for bringing shame to the long history of Thenalar Academy.

Celene was Furious. A particularly poorly timed binding of Amon then lead her to a rather nasty and petty act of arson of the home of the girl. Though the next year at Thenalar Academy would be starting soon and she was sure that she hadn’t been seen. The suspicious fire does have those whispering about what might of caused it, and the timing is leading to fingers being pointed at those at Thenalar Academy. Until the next year Celene is planning to keep a low profile, afraid of losing the privileges and power that had come to mean so much to her, anyone can connect the dots would have considerable leverage against her, perhaps deciding that her peculiar set of skills might be more useful to them while holding her secrets over her head. Or perhaps a more innocent request for help from a childhood friend could help her save face.


Name:Tayrn Slyvanborne

Race: High Elf

Skills: Tayrn has three (and a half) years of training in transmutation magic. He has the ability to alter his form,mend/rend clothes as well as a little bit of sensory magic,specifically making the subject feel and hear things.

Appearance: A tall lanky figure with a messy mop of ash blond hair. He carries himself with a lazy sort of elegance. Even by elven standards he is quite thin, almost emaciated

Biography: Tayrn was a former resident of the Nobles district. His family used to be a minor power in the city, as they owned and ran the prestigious Hanali finishing school for young elven women.

The past tense is used however as the school was found to be falsifying the records of students, including their virginity in return for gold as well as outright stealing money meant for the school. Tayrn's parents were forced into slavery and had much of their possession seized. Tayrn and his extended family were (informally) expelled from the Noble's district with most of them leaving the city and with Tayrn moving to a small home in the Sunrise district where he operates a minor tailoring business.

Oh. Uh...Hello

Hey, You. Yes, you. Pondering a character? Id just like to recommend trying out something villainous and nasty. Dig down into those scary lewd desires, because things are a little friendly at the moment.

Happy Lewding :wink:

Also have some inspiration, i found another campagn that uses the same overworld map, until someone wants otherwise, the location descriptions seem good.


Name: Slave #127

Age: 20

Race: Cat girl

Skills: agility, hand to hand combat, cat-like instincts,

Flaws: extremely distrustful, illiterate

Likes: climbing things, boxes, shiny objects

Dislikes: water, loud noises

Background: She was taken from her tribe by human slavers when she was a kit. They took her to a compound on a slavers ship and kept her there until she was old enough to be sold. The slavers tried to train her to be obedient. She grew up with other exotic slave children and often had to fight in order to eat.

As she was taken as a kit she was never given name and the slavers didn't bother to give her one. Her name will be given to her by her new owners.

The place where she is held is a large compound. Surrounded by large stone walls is a villa where the slavers and their leader live. There is a large courtyard flanked on one side by stables. One the other side are the tradesmen's workshops. The slaves themselves are held in small huts which they are locked in at night.

The captured slaves are put to work as soon as they are able. They are trained to cook and clean as well as maintaining the stables and assisting the tradesmen.

The obedience training is harsh and the punishments for the slaves are severe. Whipping is a common form of punishment.

The slavers do not believe that it is necessary for the slaves to be able to read or write thus she is illiterate.

Although smart and mostly able to keep her head down she is becoming increasingly more angerd by her current situation and is starting to develop a rebellious streak. As a result of the harsh treatment and cruel words she receives on an almost daily basis she is extremely distrustful of others and believes they will only hurt her. Now she's about to be sold off at a slave auction and she's uncertain of what the future holds. However at least she'll finally have a name.

Appearance: slender, cat-like facial features.
Amber coloured, almond shaped eyes with slit pupils. Tawny coloured ear poking out of a mane of wild chestnut hair. Retractable claws. Fang like incisors. A tail that matches her ears. Lightly browned skin. She wears a white toga-like garment and a collar and shackles as a sign of her enslavement.

Goals: she has vague memories of the place she comes from. In her dreams she often catches glimpses of green trees and soft grass as well as a feeling of just belonging. Her greatest wish is return to that place. She despises the training camp she is currently being held at knows that she'll probably hate the place she is going too. She also wants to find that sense of belonging she has in her dreams but can she find it in this scary new place she is being sent to?


Thanks for applying to join. You're concept is there, but I don't feel like your character has been fleshed out. Can you elaborate on the character as well as their past? Since as it stands, it's a basic outline for "catgirl slave".


Much better. Welcome to Asserine!


Name: Preyis Draahz

Race: Kobold

Skills: Rune crafting, Elemental magics, stealth, enchanting, magical experimentation.

Age: Adult

Appearance: Silvery-blue scales with pale blue eyes. Often seen wearing a traveler's robe, crudely cut to fit his smaller body. Without it, his body is clearly heavily scarred, with a patchwork of white, smooth scar tissue mark his back and chest, as well as his right arm and leg.

Flaws: Lacks the instincts commonly found in other Kobolds; incredibly hateful towards Humans, especially those who practice magic or have a beard; somewhat reclusive and introverted.

Current Location: A small camp at the outskirts of Asserine, decently hidden in the woods near the gate that separates the Sunrise District from the wilds.

Biography: Found while just an egg by a Human mage, Preyis was used as a servant, test subject and tool for whatever whims his master might have had at the time. Be it the testing of a new spell, or to have him clean the entire tower, top to bottom. His 'master' truly was a cruel old crow. Punishing success and failure alike and only giving the most meager of scrapes in the hopes of keeping his slave alive. Through that man, Preyis grew a sort of hatred not often seen in the wild for Humans. A burning anger that stayed with him even into the current day.

However, like many Humans in power, the man grew complacent. After all, it was just one singular Kobold. What could he truly do?

Sadly, for that man, the answer to that question was 'a surprising amount'. No one would expect a Kobold who could barely read or write to have a natural affinity to magic, nor would one expect for him to pick up simple spells in mere mouths, all while in secret. One night, after practicing for days on end, Preyis had made his move, and killed the mage in his sleep. Afterwards, with nothing left to do, he continued what had later became his passion: Studying magic.

For years, Preyis kept in that slowly crumbling tower. Living off of whatever vermin would find their ways into the stone halls, spending his days and nights learning and practicing, until...

Until one night he accidentally burned the tower into a pile of molten slag when a particularly powerful fire spell went awry.

Left homeless and with nothing but a pack of whatever he could save from the fires, including a book of notes and several dusty tombs on magical theory, Preyis did the only thing left to him. Survive and travel. Eventually, his aimless wandering brought him to Asserine, or more specifically, the outskirts of Asserine, and he seems loath to go further than that.

Where there are cities, there are Humans. And where there are Humans, lays incredible cruelty and hatred. Or so he imagines. Unlike most Kobolds however, he does not hope to find solely his own kind, instead, he simply hopes to find...Well, anything. So long as it isn't Human.


Chaotic Neutral

Character Name: Airen

Race: half-elf+unknown father

Age: 19

Appearance: Androgynous AMAB, beautiful, fine, long grey hair kept pulled back most of the time, tall and sleek but surprisingly strong. Exceptionally beautiful face that helps attract clients. Capable of blending into the background. Others seem to forget Airen’s face on occasion.

Skills: ideal companion, exceptional at manipulating marks/johns, blending in, androgyny, assignation with a side of assassination, cat-burglary on occasion, excellent swimmer, a few bits of magic associated with water.

Weaknesses: Anything SHINY, must be bought, no loyalty, Strong personalities (not a domly-dom, but someone who is very perceptive and knows how to truly manipulate others and has power) can ensnare Airen easily once they have something shiny to offer.

Kinks: very submissive to people mentioned above in ‘weaknesses', blood, degradation, humiliation, bondage, pretty much anything goes if there’s power and/or money involved.

Biography: Exact parentage unknown. Airen’s half-elf mother's story is that she met and slept with a male nymph when she travelled from her birthplace with her elven mother to the city of Asserine, and with Airen’s amazing beauty, some believe her. Her stories of this encounter are highly sought-after. Raised by a religious prostitute to be a prostitute in the district of Azure working at the Mermaid’s Secret (a brothel with connections to the cathedral for conveying blessings for sailors at a reasonable fee), Airen’s beauty and natural androgyny were honed to a fine point during childhood. Manipulation comes naturally to Airen, which led to issues with those in leadership (both with the brothel and the cathedral). After a few too many suspicious incidences, those in political power in the area was becoming quite suspicious, and Airen felt it best to disappear with a new client to the Nobel District. Now living in the Noble District with whomever temporarily has their loyalty, Airen provides “pure” and “innocent" companionship, and other unknown services to clients. Airen has been known to take assignations with those of the Scarlet Brotherhood, but there is no proof that this is was for any service other than sex. Although, there was a time during Airen's assignation with the younger Kellani that one of Lord Islaran’s heirs went missing … just before Airen moved to the Noble District. Since the move, Airen is seen, between clients, to be frequenting the shrine of Myhriss, the goddess of love. While not officially part of the temple, this location has become a bit of a calling card for Airen.


(Here’s my second stab at this character.)

Character Name: Atikata

Age: 206 (fairly young for a rakshasa)

Skills: Like all rakshasa, Atikata is a shapeshifter. He’s limited to humanoid forms and can’t replicate any particular individuals. Careful observers will note that his hands look wrong, even in a shifted form, so he tends to wear long sleeves or gloves to cover them. He’s also a skilled alchemist, especially when it comes to brewing psychotropics. His favorites are those that induce euphoria or lust, both of which make his prey more susceptible to his mesmerism. Properly addled, Atikata’s victims are less likely to resist the implanting of a hypnotic suggestion or mild alterations to their personality, or spilling their secrets to the rakshasa.

Also like others of his race, Atikata is especially susceptible to divine magics, and even those that are intended to be beneficial will twist and pervert when cast on Atikata. A friendly priest attempting to heal the spice merchant of a flu will only find the disease mutates and grows worse under the divine energies channeled in Atikata’s direction. Blessed weapons are a double nightmare for Atikata as he has no skill in self-defense, though in truth any bravo with a strong arm and a completely mundane blade is enough of a danger to Atikata that he rarely leaves home without a sleeveless coat of maille under his clothing.

Biography: Atikata made a small splash in the Merchant's District when he bought a large house on Pepper Lane with a small chest full of cat's eye chrysoberyls. He's set himself up as a spice merchant specializing in exotic herbs (many of which would probably be illegal in most places if the authorities had any idea what they were). The fact that he deals primarily in spices that have never been sold in Asserine before, plus some generous gifts to the Spicemerchants' Guild and their master, has made him a welcome addition to their community. His largesse has extended to the more prominent local temples as well (largely to make them uneager to look too closely into his business), while rumor says the officers and men of the Merchant's Watch have enjoyed more than one romp in the Painted Vixen on his coin.

For all that, his business is scrupulously above-board; while much of what he sells can be used in or as hallucinogens, psychotropics, and poisons, they are all, technically, legal. He's a member in good standing with the Spicemerchants' Guild and has scrupulously avoided getting entangled in either the Guild's or the city's politics.

To the world, he appears to be a human merchant in his mid-to-late 30s, handsome, with long black wavy hair, piercing emerald eyes of a slightly almond shape, and an exotic cinnamon complexion. His clothing largely consists of embroidered satins and velvets, and when working in his shop he'll often wear an immaculate white canvas apron. He's cheerful and unfailingly polite, but some have noted a disturbingly predator glint in his eye when he thinks nobody else is looking, and those who spend much time with him all have a story about a paranoid outburst, or some odd and overly-cautious eccentricity.

His household is small so far, consisting of a single female slave named Orchid who shares his exotic looks (so far, nobody has noticed that they've never actually seen Orchid and her master in the same place at the same time). He's made noises about expanding his household, as well as taking on locals who "better know the customs and seasons of this lovely city."

Those who have taken a closer look into Atikata's doings have noticed that he sends a lot of correspondence overseas, much of it written in code. But so far he's done nothing to give away his true identity, or give any hint as to his purpose in the city.


Welcome, this is a nicely written application but there are a couple of concerns i have before you gain access.

It seems nicely written but whats with this huge amount of skills with no weakness? People so far have generally picked abilities equivalent of level one characters so true name magic and true seeing might be going a bit too far. The mind reading and shapeshifting should probably define some limitations too.

Also a small note that i have a hard time getting an idea of the character's personality, i understand you don't want his true purpose to be known, but it would be nice see some their emotional side. Character flaws are an important and interesting thing.



May apologies; I was writing a villain, not a first-level equivalent. I'll go back to square one and come up with something more appropriate.


Well, you know. Villains don't have to be flawless, they're just characters with desires that promote conflict. Id rather you didn't throw out all your work though. Its best to go with what you'd enjoy first, but being completely unstoppable isn't any fun for a story, is it?
Character flaws are the fun part.

Just... Tone it back a little is all. Don't throw everything away.

Actually, if it bothers you to have a Rakshasa be weaker on a logical level. Then what if there was some limitation that they are trying to overcome? Maybe there is some unhealing injury from a past holy knight. Or they've been cut off from the majority of their demonic power for some reason.

It also creates good revenge motivations and stuff


You dont have to chuck out the whole thing...just chose maybe 3 of those skills and think of some personality flaws for flavor. :slight_smile: I played a Rakshasa once it was fun! But spooky backwards hands!!!


Ok, I'll revisit this today and see what I can come up with.


Name: Worrinson Lidu

Age: Young Adult

Race: Human Male

Skills: Jack of All Trades (Factotum), Charismatic, Athletic, Cunning.

Flaws: Lustful and boastful

Appearance: Tall, very handsome with high cheekbones and fine dark hair cut longish so it would drape attractively over one of his bright blue eyes.

Background: Worrinson is the adopted human son of Worrin Lidu, the wizard dwarf ruler of the Noble District. He was raised by a string of childminders and tutors because his father was often busy running the district or out on important diplomatic missions or fighting in defense of the city. Worrinson enjoyed fond memories of his father during his childhood, his father would fill his mind with the many wonderful tales of his adventures before he was leader.

While it is clear to Worrinson that his ‘father’ was not his biological father because dwarves cannot crossbreed, Worrin could not to tell him who his real parents were because he was left on his doorstep as a newborn. Worrinson admired his father greatly but he often rebelled against the high expectations place on him as the old drawf’s official heir. He often wagged school and hid from his tutors pushing his luck only as far as he could, knowing he must not disgrace his father.

Worrinson was a quick learner growing up but he showed little dedication to wizardry. As he got older he tired of the ‘boring magic’ as he called it and sought to expand his knowledge in certain forbidden area of the occult. He joined an occult book club and got his hands on a detailed book about lust magic.

Goals: As a young man, Worrinson shows little interest in leading the noble district, but enjoys all the pleasures and comforts being a noble affords him. However he is feeling a call to only two things adventuring like his father always spoke about and chasing tail. The girls his age all have to remain pure for there noble marriages, so he finds himself interested in the exotic women and dancers in the other districts.

Personality: His good looks and being raised by one of the wealthiest and notable families in the city has created a young man that is boastful of his place in life and driven by lust because of the restrictive and chaste environment he grew up in. He is charismatic and has many “friends”. He is quite bright a learner but all the extra tutelage cause him to never give much dedication to any subject, making him competent in most areas but master of none. He tends to follow his passions and looks for the easy way out of responsibility and trouble. He thinks highly of himself but deep down is a bit of a coward.