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Savage Tide (D&D 3.5)


Catagory Title: Savage Tide

Group Name: Savage Tide
Group tag: Citizen of Sasserine

Setting: Hi, Ive been really wanting to roleplay within the setting of Sasserine of the Savage Tide campaign. Unfortunately I suck as a DM so this will be people freely roleplaying within Sasserine until anyone DM oriented decides they would like to guide us through the campaign.

General information of the setting can be found here:

Rules: Id prefer that this use D&D 3.5, Everyone will need a Character sheet eventually, which we can have a section for. Everyone will be level 1 until the campaign actually starts moving and we get a DM, Since the campaign is released in small sections it shouldn’t be too hard to take turns if we need to. If we end up with lots of people then it might be a good idea to have seperate competing groups and relax the campaign a little bit, having everyone progress in levels at the same time while having freedom to shape the story by themselves but this will be up for discussion.

To make it clear, this will likely be a sandbox experience, driven by peoples interactions for a while. As such, don’t be afraid to play the environment if its appropriate. When deciding to do so, consider if that part of the city is one your character is familiar with.

As for Ability score allocation, 32 point buy

Content Rules: This should be open to everyone, though have any r rated content be private or perhaps within an r18 section if we need to. Its up for discussion.

Application example:

Name: Celene Absalee

Class: Binder

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Appearance: Celene has dark shoulder length hair, usually she keeps herself disguised as a skinnier version of herself, but if shes caught unprepared it would be found that she is actually overweight like her mother. She tends to suit dark clothes and dresses, looking somewhat out of place in the pastel colors pushed to be worn by her instructors, choosing not to wear them if she doesn’t have to. Still, she likes to keep her clothes as elegant as one might wear when visiting an opera. Keeping them as sleek and tasteful as possible to avoid comparisons with her mother.

Biography: Celene hails from the Nobles District as the daughter of Nylaria Absalee, the manager of the Sasserine Opera House, and a huge woman who takes advantage of her ample frame to display outlandish dresses and hair styles. While Celene had inherited her mother’s body type, she did not seem to have her mother’s gregarious nature, finding the idea of showing herself off quite embarrassing due to a combination of being shown off while also being unfairly compared to the experienced performers of the opera house, teasing from others her age and overhearing people who would speak behind her mother’s back, which was the only way Celene ever heard clues about her father and brother.

She knew she had a twin brother, though her mother would get quite upset if she ever spent time thinking about it as he had been taken by the church for some reason. In reality, her mother had been the subject of a ritual which produced her children and purchased her status and opera house for her service. Twins were not expected, but since Celene didn't seem to have any of her brother's talents, Nylaria was allowed to keep her.

Celene still had a great interest in magic, which always worried her mother, not that Celene knew why. The temple of Wee-Jas and Witchwarden tower captured her imagination from an early age, curious of the older brother that was taken to be tutored privately from a young age within their walls.

She still didn’t show the talent needed to get in to Witchwarden tower through the usual process during her time at the house of the dragon either, despite trying her hardest as-well as risking the shame from all of the mostly good humored bragging to the rest of the occult club about the great secrets she would uncover and power she would hold once she got there, an ambition occult club members do seem to have a tendency to share.

The occult club was really little more than a small group of outcasts. Once she managed to position herself as it’s leader, Celene would often push them to go down to the market district’s Occult books store next to the Vandeboren manor so she didn’t have to go alone. She would have likely made some connections with the younger members of the family there.

Her mother found Celene's interest in magic and the occult and her lack of social grace as rather disturbing, especially since effectively losing one child to the church and took the opportunity to enroll Celene in Thenalar academy after she was unable to gain entry to the tower, hoping that the prestigious finishing school would turn her into a proper woman.

Celene was terrified, to be lined up and judged along side the sort of people who had been teasing her for most of her life was her worst nightmare, but the Celene who showed up to finishing school was not the Celene that those girls were expecting.

She spent a good portion of time whining to her friends before her freshman year at Thenalar Academy started and happened to go home one day from their now favorite hangout with a book containing the rituals necessary for binding Naberius, a Cerberus like vestige that granted her the ability to disguise herself as someone with the kind of body that she always was jealous of, as well as the power she had grown to crave. Little did she know that it was one of her more magically inclined members that had replaced one of the others she had brought with the book, having taken it from Witchwarden tower and secretly given it to her out of pity.

Thenalar Academy was the oldest and most prestigious finishing school in Sasserine, only the most wealthy and well bred could send their daughters there. It must have cost her mother a fortune. Though Celene wasn’t the most passionate student, her new gifts allowed her to approach it with the confidence necessary to survive in such a place.

Now with a lead, much of her own time was spent on further research into binding, importing books that seemed related to the one she had been given from across the seas. She loved the power and privilege she now found herself in, even sharing some of it with a few of her old occult club friends, perhaps as some attempt mend her own embarrassed ego after her bragging, secretly somewhat desperate for their admiration though the bitterness she had absorbed from her vapid new classmates was now quite uncomfortable, as she spoke as if they were privileged to be associated with her.

As Celene spent the next few years within Thenalar Academy, the dragon school occult club would go on without her, sharing binding to select students. On occasion a member was influenced by a vestige or challenged to a task to prove their loyalty to the club attracting the attention of guards. This was usually seen as simple troubled teens, but the increase in fires threatened more serious investigations from the authorities.

By the time it came to the yearly pageant competition with the up and coming CloudCrystal academy of which Celene would take part, rumors were already being whispered about behind her back due to her being the club’s prior leader. There is only so many gravelly voiced rants on the occasions that Naberius’ influence on her became more apparent that someone can blame on illness when you refuse to seek help.

After a grueling judging, even though she had exploited her new powers to gain as many advantages as she could, even to the point of sabotage. A truly talented girl from the CloudCrystal Academy lead her team to victory against the odds, forcing the haughty Thanalar Academy members to acknowledge the girls from CoudCrystal Academy with Celene taking partial blame for bringing shame to the long history of Thenalar Academy.

Celene was Furious. A particularly poorly timed binding of Amon then lead her to a rather nasty and petty act of arson of the home of the girl. Though the next year at Thenalar Academy would be starting soon and she was sure that she hadn’t been seen. The suspicious fire does have those whispering about what might of caused it, and the timing is leading to fingers being pointed at those at Thenalar Academy. Until the next year Celene is planning to keep a low profile, afraid of losing the privileges and power that had come to mean so much to her, anyone can connect the dots would have considerable leverage against her, perhaps deciding that her peculiar set of skills might be more useful to them while holding her secrets over her head. Or perhaps a more innocent request for help from a childhood friend could help her save face.

PS: It doesn’t need to be this long, I’ve just been thinking about this character for a long time and was absorbed in writing :slight_smile: Also i edited it after someone gave me some advice.


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