forum - play Website Template

Right, it works


Good, now i dont need to put long ass posts each time


Hurrah! Lets test this out a bit more.


yeah that works!


Well then


Well then…


Yeah it works well XD, i like it


Yay, I think a self updating forum is pretty huge imo. I cant stand forum rp usually just because of all of the pensive waiting as i continually click refresh.


ikr? thats why i liked Starbound RP


Same, though having a representation of characters and where they are is pretty nice too.


Oh god, i already see one issue, can you make it do a sound like facebook? a little bleep so its noticable?


Hmm, an update sound? I’ll try.


It seem that there are a few plugins you can get for your browser that interact with the forum software that I'm using, which is called Discourse. But by default, Discourse doesn't support that.


Huh, plugins XD


I still might be able to find something for it at some point, but it will take a while.


No rush, ima just get gud at looking XD


I have made it so that you can now have a custom background with your role playing forum, which and so i added different backgrounds to each main category of the forum!, what do you think?.