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Problems at asset import "Universe Generator"


Im cool with the Star sizes currently in place, Quite like the variety it gives.
Could make it use a Rigidbody?

Also i have a Solar system generator i was using for a Previous galaxy. The Star Pointer object is not the position of the star?
I want to place a Sun in that position, and that sun spawns Planets around it. But how can i spawn that object at the exact Star position?


The LocalStarSystem class has a vector3 called pos which should be the exact star position. Maybe i should add a field where you can put an object that you'd like placed at that position.


Ill email you a Local Star System file that should fix the problems with starlight getting too low on small stars, as well as make the star pointer follow the star position in world coordinates.


So here it seems Realtime doesnt even start, and baking is visualized.

I will note, Stars are flawless, never noticed a single issue with them except the flares getting a tad to weak.


Oh my, that is really weird... Could you please give me the coordenates, seed and settings as well as what you're doing to make this happen?

If i can replicate it, its much easier to fix.


Position/settings dont seem to affect it, it Just always happens where ever i am and a pretty high chance, ill show you my settings though


Does it happen when you exit a galaxy at high speed?


Yea seems to be moving fast mostly


Another small thing
About half way you can see Baking started, But I had moved away from the spot and it went away once I moved again. This happens pretty often.

Also sometimes far away galaxies spawn in the incorrect rotation, and sometimes you can watch them slowly rotate to face you.



Theres barely ANY flickering in Solid colors, this is Very little Disturbance around 0.02 and almost no Normal.

Subsampled to 0.5 and detail at 0.5 even the baked 512 resolution is perfect.


0.02 disturbance 0 normal It looks VERY cartoony but, If I alter the system behind the Colors i could pretty easily produce a Fairly realistic Galaxy, only problem is Clusters, a Galaxy cluster needs a variety of colors to look cool.

Some better colors i can almost get away with this, just still to many colors though, Is it possible you could alter the color system to be a gradient instead of Hue?

As for Star position, I am Scaling it by FocusObject.Scale Which seams to be giving a pretty accurate Position, just one problem. The star position is offset by a bit And the offset changes when i move, so i cant actually get to the star as its constantly moving somewhere else though it is very close to where it should be.