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Problems at asset import "Universe Generator"


Welcome back, ive actually got a different solution brewing, and nearly complete. Each frame it bakes out a galaxy into a rendertexture on a quad during the normal render process, so they mostly keep their look.

Also a more user friendly interface if someone just wants to use it as a skybox generator, storing coordinates and jumping instantly to them to instantly generate a sky box at that position will be much easier.

Though, i still don't have a very good solution for lower end cards and their specific galaxy, since it surrounds you. How did the galaxy perform on your card when it was just the single galaxy that you were inside? What detail level did it allow?

I'm thinking that you're system would be a really useful test case if i gave you a copy.


I don't remember the settings I had it on, but I do remember being able to achieve 60+ fps at lowest detail settings. But it was still glitchy, and looked really bad at the settings I had it on. I don't mind being used for tests if it helps make this asset faster and give a higher chance of me being able to return to it!


Oh you say it can be used as a skybox generator, but I dont remember seeing any settings todo such a thing? Is it new? I could get away with using just that for my game, I can setup a Warp effect and when the player gets to his target, just let it generate a skybox.


Just ran the test build I made on a friends computers, GTX 1070. nearly an Instant crash, had black squares scattered on the game screen. Pretty sure the build ran with the default settings of the package.


It is possible to set it up to do that by default, but you need to edit the code and change the skybox timer from 300 frames to about 2. But its not user friendly, and the next version would make this a lot easier.

There is a crash that ive fixed that happens when travelling at a certain speed that's in the next version too which cooould be it. But these black squares are something i really don't know what they could be. Ill send you a test build within the next week or so for the new version. I'm hoping that you will be able to have full detail at a good framerate after things finish rendering. However im worried that it might use too much memory now since it bakes out so many pictures onto quads.


I've sent you a test build. Please let me know how it goes.


Hi, I dont have any problem with this asset, except the part on Star Opacity slider. With back and forward tweaking and playmode gets to the restoreted result.
What im trying to achieve is to separate or set Sky & Star Opacity, then i snapshot 360 panorama image and edit the images.
Im not in any means in a hurry, will this get functional one day or am i missing something ?
My PC:
8gb ddr3


Currently, in the version you are using, it already makes snapshots similar to that though it doesn't save them out. You could probably edit the code to export these if you are familiar with coding. If not, then i'm planning to release a new version soon. Could you give a full explanation of what you need and ill include it as supported functionality.

By full explanation, i mean for this 360 panorama. Is a cubemap not what you wish? Do or is it 2 180 degree cameras with their images stuck together? How would you want this to work?


Yes I mean, in other words for a simple 6 side cube map background image. Im gonna use this asset just for getting that images, and then edit it. Simple as that. I already have a few-(cube maps out of it) edited images and Im very happy how it turns out (smooth blend between clouds and pitch black in VR).
But actually I still need to separate Stars and Clouds with opacity function and with that I will get 2 images (and then use them like a layers in photoshop) and edit it individually.. thats my goal.
-My comments...
-Im using, 360 Panorama Capture asset for snaping cube image
-I dont need this function fast, Im independent free user
-Im not familiar with codes yet,
-In my game Im gonna be using "dimensional" portal travel


Ill make sure its included in the next version, expect it to be within a month, hopefully


So, I decided to give the asset another try with the new update.
Almost flawless now!!

Performance is still a tad bit of a problem with Baking
And Real-time doesn't look as good as it could be.

For Real-time you should look into what I believe is called temporal reprojection, Its basically like an extreme motion blur.
It can at times completely eliminate the Flickering in Volumetric stuff, I use it for Clouds in one of my projects.

With Baking, Not to sure yet I haven't really dealt with much Baking before.

Only just got the Asset agian so ill make a new review on the asset store once i get more time on this.

Thank you for all your work on this asset!


Also, Is there a way to make galaxies hard to see while inside a galaxy including the galaxy you are in. Or make them completely invisible, preferably like almost a really high transparency or making the galaxies really light in color.

And when you get around to planets, you should look into Voxels. A Voxel based planet does not exist in the asset store, so some people may buy simply for that. It will also allow overhangs and stuff making more interesting planets.


Alright so been playing with it for a day, no crashes and pretty decent performance holding a steady 60 fps a large portion of the time only time that drops is when its baking!
So heres my list of bugs/requests so far:

The Baked Galaxies Fade away, I noticed that when flying through the galaxy the baked galaxy sometimes remains alongside the Realtime Rendering.

Sometimes when warping to a star, it stops before I get close enough for the Flare effect, and sometimes the star appears to vanish?

For the ship, I feel simply a flying camera with the warp function would be more convenient for people using/learning the asset.

In the Universe Widget on the galaxy View variable you state its a massive performance hit. This is no longer the case, I was able to bring it up to 10 without any major issues.

When inside a galaxy, Other galaxies should become almost completely invisible

Update - The Baked galaxies are having a lot of issues, Out of place, Wrong rotation, Snapping into positions, appearing alongside realtime rendering, sometimes the backed galaxy doesnt go away, sometimes it down too soon but a decent amount of the time it works as intended.


Hey there. That bug where the galaxies stick has been really hard for me to reproduce reliably. Ive actually thought ive fixed it multiple times and it keeps popping up.

I'll add a more heavyhanded solution that checks if its active every frame when not in a galaxy to make sure its turned off.

its possible to change the brightness of distant galaxies through the code in the FixedUpdate function of the GalaxyVolume class, And you might get the effects you want by reducing the radius of galaxies generated. I'll add a feature to change the brightness of distant galaxies easier though in the next version to make this easier for you.

I have a custom terrain idea which isn't actually voxels but should let people do similar things to voxels. Its a little weird but ill be slowly working on it.

I'm actually surprised that your computer can support the real time galaxies at all, id recommend the mode where it only does baked galaxies for it normally. If your having performance drops from the baking you can reduce the max gpu cores the baking uses at the bottom of the widget ui.
However i suspect that the slowdown comes from the heavy volumetric galaxy shader covering the screen at the same time. Because the asset is actually baking galaxies constantly in the distance, if that was the thing slowing things down it would be stuttering constantly.

As for the baked galaxies issues, with the rotations and being out of place, id really like to see some videos of the problem so i can understand it a bit better.

The bug where stars are vanishing and not showing the flare effect is concerning. Is there a good way to reproduce it? Ive seen it before but its another one that i thought i'd fixed.

Ill look into temporal reprojection a little but since no one is actually buying the generator im not sure if i can spent too much time on it.
Im going to be going to a web development academy to retrain since this hasn't made any money :frowning:

However! Thank you for the feedback. Ill try to update this quickly. The temporal re-projection might take longer.


Actually, could you please point me to some resources for temporal reprojection?


Oh! And you can press left ctrl to remove the ship.


Actually i have a bit of an update, Stars vanishing is because they were just really small stars, and the flare was reallllly low on brightness.

With the baked galaxies it happens almost 100% of the time, so should be easy for me to grab a video.

As for the Ship, I meant like use your mouse to look, WASD to move and Shift to more faster. Much easier to navigate with those controls.

As for Temporal Reprojection the idea behind it is a screen effect that grabs the previous pixels and checks them with the current pixels.

Hmm having some trouble finding any good results

Here are a few


In one of those PDF's

"We store our previous frame in a texture.
2. We store the old camera information.
3. For a given pixel in the current frame, ray cast using the ray created by the
current camera and the current pixels uv coordinates.
4. The ray cast will intersect with the sphere representing the inner layer of the
atmosphere. The point of intersection gives us a world space position.
5. This world space position is then converted all the way back into uv
coordinates using the old camera's view and projection matrices.
6. This uv coordinate if in the range from [0,1] can be used to sample the pixel
in the old frame that will be used to fill in the pixel in the current frame"

And Tenkoku Dynamic Sky asset uses it for clouds, thats where i originally discovered it.


Hmm. What are your thoughts on having differing star sizes? I can make the minimum size be larger, or make the light output less dependent on the star size. What do you think?

Also yeah, I could make a new controller for it, the system can use any kind of character controller. I figured that showing it attached to a physics object would show how easy it is to use with any potential controller, while having the physics system of unity still support the crazy speeds involved in that. While also having an object showing the light from stars.

I wouldn't recommend using this character controller for an actual game, they're really things that need to be fine tuned for any potential game in my opinion.


Ill experiment with adding a lightweight version of this to reduce the need for noise.