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Problems at asset import "Universe Generator"


Actually that's a great idea, i wish i thought of it before uploading this. Hmmm.


Based on those numbers, 2 should probably work pretty well too. I should at least make it clearer how important it is for performance.


So..... You should lock skybox res to max 2k and place a comment in code warning people from unlocking it, i put it back up to 4k for testing... instant crash, and, possible killed my graphics card, bios and stuff it working but once the os is supposed to work it just goes blank. it wants todo a disk check. atm


Oh Wow!, I'm so sorry! Ill do just that!


not sure yet, and its not your fault. I should have been wary of changing a setting I know crash's my graphics card :stuck_out_tongue:
this disk check is gonna take a long time on 4 tb of data, ill probably be on tomorrow hopefully on my desktop. ttyl


Okay, see you later. I should probably sleep as its almost 6 am, ill have that tutorial video uploaded tomorrow. Baking distant galaxies (and perhaps even the one you're inside) is something ill try and get done soon too, though I'm unsure how to handle when it should update.


Alright, So my computer is fine now, was just spazzing out last night. Been messing around with the generator, now that I can actually look around without crashing. It's actually quite nice. Still, performance needs some work, but I can forgive that considering its brand new.


That's a relief. The video has been uploaded now, ill get started on the galaxy texture baking.


yea... Your looks way better from mine atm
My stars are flickering like crazy, you cant fly towards a star, because they just go invisible, and all stars start flickering.

Also unity crashed when skybox res was at 512


It will be flickering because you need to add your new layer to the star pointer flare. I couldn't find a way to automate this.

There is one more rare crash that i get some times when traveling through galaxies at fast speeds, though i haven't been able to reproduce the crash when the game is built. So try doing a test build of the game.

To fix it ill need to get the maker of the async texture reader dll to take a look, because it's that which causes this rare crash. Unity2018 supposedly will have its own async texture reader too, so it should be eliminated eventually.


I have set the layers correctly shown in that video.

This is exactly what happens at the start:

When I hit play, all stars are visible, after clicking anywhere on screen they all vanish. After I then warp, they will return, but when I try to move around the stars turn on and off often, and makes it impossible to determine if it even moving.


Hmm, I think that your graphics card is having a hard time updating all of the stars positions while you're moving. At the moment it needs to update the positions of 65267 stars each frame, but its read asynchronously, which means that your graphics card starts that process, but never actually completes it before being at its new position. Once it stops it finally has enough time to finish the calculation.

It could be possible to reduce star count though it would take some modification to the compute shader and it would reduce the actual numbers of stars you see when you come to a stop. I think ill add a feature to adjust this, but it wont look anywhere near as dense. At the moment that star number is based on the actual number of stars you can see from earth.


Not moving, been just sitting here and I clicked.
Sometimes also just disappears after a few seconds.

I have had 15 million stars in my game before:

Running at 80-120 fps


You'll need to explain how that worked. The thing is that the star positions in my system are updated by the graphics card by assigning each star to a separate core within the graphics card rather than the cpu. Usually this would be a massive boost of performance.

New stars generate on the edge, since the stars are moving around you while you are still, there are no floating point errors, which allows billions and billions of stars, which have their traits generated based off of seed values and their location.

It is an interesting issue you have there though, I'm not sure why the stars would disappear as it generates the skybox. Clicking makes more sense as that triggers the compute shader to regenerate and check the star at your mouse position.


Im actually just using a mesh, I have a mesh for each star, and a ton of Mesh optimization. and a shader to clean it up.

I would like a refund, not because its bad i actually quite like it. but because it does not run on my computer yet. I will likely return in the near future with a better computer. Sorry.


That's probably for the best, could you please email me the invoice that you received when you bought it?.

[email protected]


Sent, Thanks!


Okay, Ive sent the refund request. Ill really need to make the requirements more clear.


Thanks a ton! So sorry for this, Hopefully I can return in the future!


Actually I have an idea, maybe you could change the volumetric galaxies into particles? like an option to switch, would be a huge performance increase for people with lower end cards. Would not look nearly as good, but could work.