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Problems at asset import "Universe Generator"


Hello, Just purchased Universe generator, and upon importing and starting the demo I instantly find multiple errors.

For the price, I'm really hoping these can be resolved!

All problems:
-Performance is really bad even with settings as low as they can go

-Stars don't render if I click the screen

Some sort of tutorial, or manual on how to use this.


Unity has crashed 8 times
My pc has crashed 3 times
Blue screen of death 2 times
graphics card just like died once, not sure what happened but everything froze and the display went dead.

I have a fairly decent $1k Gaming tower running:
Windows 7
An AMD Graphics card

I'm running on unity 2017.3
And performance is horrible, for the few seconds it's running before it crashes I get 20-30 fps on low graphics and detail of the universe script set to 0.1


Okay, it sounds as if your graphics card is crashing from the asset. Could you please give a full make of the graphics card?

The asset requires a high end graphics card, though it hasn't been tested on AMD yet. Currently a GTX 1050 and GTX 980ti. The former being powerful enough to run at half detail, and the 980ti being powerful enough to run at full detail.

Also, could you please paste the errors shown?

There is a file labeled ESSENTIAL README which lists the steps nessisary, Though perhaps a video tutorial is necessary because there are a number of project settings that need to be set before it will work correctly.

Its also advised that you turn down the radius of galaxies visible setting, which controls the number of galaxies visible at once.

Also, ouch. One star review for the first purchase of the thing i spent 2 years making.


I'm sorry about the review, I cleaned it up a little. hope you understand I spend over $100 on something that failed to work even for 5 seconds. So I was quite pissed.


Yeah, Hopefully we can get it working, I just filmed a tutorial video and am uploading it to youtube right now.

Im not super confident we can though, based on your description, as there really isn't anything in the setup that should stop these crashes.

Can you please give the make of your graphics card? We need to figure out if this is due to its age or perhaps an AMD incompatibility, as its only been tested on nvidia.

Also, another possibility is if you were running it on a 4k monitor, since that would increase the work on the graphics card.


I'm running it on a 1440p Monitor, its a fairly old monitor. its about 2 inches think old :stuck_out_tongue:

As for graphics card, Its an AMD Radeon R7, I don't know specific details.


Ill look up its specs


According to this, the R7 is very old:

The one i use most of the time is the GTX 980ti
The modern equivalent AMD card is the AMD Radeon R9 Fury


Once again sorry I made that review so negative the first time. And also sorry for not looking deep enough for a readme, I only saw the readme in the demo file, which was just controls. At the time I was quite upset so I was not in a great mindset.


... Also i think you got ripped off on your computer :S

And yeah, i get it. Its just super unlucky that the first person couldn't run it D:


Well, the case alone is like $500 :stuck_out_tongue:
I was gonna upgrade it but never did.

I have a $2k decade old laptop... AMD card tho I think. Could try running it on that see if there is a difference, maybe it's just this card or something about this computer.


Well, a decade old laptop will still have a decade old graphics card. Also what!? Is that case made of solid gold or something? the graphics card is just worth $62! Its supposed to be the most expensive part!

Yikes... uh... Do you want me to recommend computer parts? or, well. I can offer a refund.

I do kinda have a horrible vision flashing in my head of no one else buying it though after the review... Hmm...

Maybe if i make a lower requirement shader? It would never be able to look the same though.


What is eating the most performance isn't actually the stars, its the volumetric galaxies.


Well... Any way I can temporarily remove the clouds?

Also, once again sorry for the review.


Wow... I got the graphics for $230... got it two years ago... maybe it just got really cheap really fast...


You can lower the amount visible in the radius of galaxies visible setting, lowering skybox resolution would also be a good idea, as that will probably be whats crashing your card.

By default it creates 6 4096x4096 textures as a skybox when you come to a stop... I should probably have that lower by default anyway.

Removing the clouds entirely? Not by default, but ill add it in and upload a new version.

Edit: Actually you can! Set radius of galaxies generated to 0


Hmm Made some decent progress actually, Set skybox res to 1024, and set detail to 0. 70 fps when not moving, and 40 fps when moving
Huge improvement!


What if you set radius of galaxies generated to 0?


or 1


0 makes it all work flawlessly, great 70-80 constant fps
1 is actually pretty good, 60-70 fps

Hasn't crashed yet, so looks like you just need to reduce settings, or show people how.
Though would be nice if you could get performance up a bit, maybe instead of showing the clouds at a distance, why not a flat plane, its what Space Engine does, if you look at it from the side, then it makes some soft particles.