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Please come and say hello!


Hey there, i noticed there are a few new accounts. Please come and introduce yourself, ill start.

I’m the designer of this site, i like all kinds of role-play and in addition to this site, I’m slowly making an actual game to go with it. Ill post a few videos and stuff in the future to show the progress on that.

Unfortunately that means i don’t really have the time to host an actual rp, as that’s quite a big responsibility too! I hope you like the features of the forum enough to move here, please respond and say hi, let me know what you’re wanting and ill try my hardest to make it happen.



I’m Sena. Cool website!!

Hi everyone!!


um HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII im izzie! i just came here because i got bored!!! nice website, keep it up!!!


Thank you so much!, Ive been a little sad because not many people have posted since i made it, how did you find out about it?


I am Pepperjack, you can call me Hayley though, your choice. What's up Zab


Oh my god, id given up hope that any of my friends would actually come on here ;-;. Welcome.


I'm Tam. You can call me Tam. 10/10 website.

you can also call me Tammy if y'want. That's nice.


Hello! o: I am here now. Just call me Joey, or something else, if you want..


Hay something else...Im Sena. Hehe sorry.


I considered making some post that was mildly sarcastic but I don't have the energy to do so. Bonesinme is the best name ever though, just keep that in mind.


Ditto blackjack, hard to come up with something witty on the spot. I go by Chrutle, and looking at above list of people some might even know me.
I guess I'm technically a part of the larger mmorpg project here, although I say that loosely as I've done practically nothing so far, but criticise zab xD.