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Oh. Uh...Hello


Hello, Alternate Existence. You can call me Preyis. I'm new here. You may also know me as Zarke, or if you came from a particular den of scum and villainy, then you make actually know me as the good Doctor Michael.

I just thought I'd pour a bit of energy into this thing. Because it is a new thing, and I am interested in it. I don't really know what else to call this other than a 'thing', because it's so new that honestly, the only other word that comes into my brain is to call it a lil' baby....

But that's okay. People freaking love babies.

Anyway, hello, howdy, etc. I'm here now. Don't know how active I'll be. I'll certainly keep this place on my radar. Thank you's go to a certain someone who drew my attention to this place.

Let's make this a new home for roleplay, eh? Let's make a certain community...They know who they are....Jealous!


Hello!, Welcome. May this thing become the best thing.


Wow! Thats is a fantasticly positive post! Welcome to the fun!

Check out the most active roleplay so far The Lewd Coast


D'aaw...You think I'm positive? starts quietly weeping ;-;