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Interest Check


Okay so, nothing is set in stone, and I've been working pretty hard these days, trying to...Not be poor. >->

BUT, I thought I'd at least do an interest check for a roleplay I have in mind.

Imagine a story told from the perspective of the 'monsters' in a DnD world. And not that they're evil, but that they're people who just so happen to get killed by adventurers all the freaking time. How would characters react to entire families of their kind getting slaughtered because some Human dick waltz into their home and enjoys stabbing things? Or, how would a character react to suddenly finding people for the first time in decades after being trapped in a maze for what felt like forever, only for them to pull out a big ol' mace and start swinging away?

What would happen if all those 'monsters' decided that enough was enough, and it was time to band together and fight back? Ya know...That sort of thing.

Comment below any thoughts or suggestions. If enough people seem interested, maybe we can do a thing together? I dunno.


Hehe, reminds me of this:

I do really like this sort of thing, but i also feel like it sorta slots in to the lewd coast a little, which already has people... Hmmm.... What if it was, like... A separate thing but also not at the same time?

What i mean is, Well, i have a monster character that im planning for the lewd coast, but i don't see any reason that you couldn't have a separate forum section to travel to and from as the home of monsters, if you want. There really isn't any reason characters shouldn't be able to travel between roleplays if they suit them.

The character might be a little lewd though, how do you feel about that?


Look like a very interesting idea!


To Celene Absalee: I didn't really plan on intertwining this to Lewd Coast. I don't do well in roleplays where one of the main...Jeeze, what's the word...Thiiiing? Ugh. Where the main 'thing' is sex. Where it's just accepted that everyone is going to be having sex with everyone else. I'm all good for sexual themes and sex in roleplay and all. But...I'm kinda traditional. I like there to be romance, build up. Passion and such. And something like Lewd Coast, while I haven't looked into it as much as I should, it, at least, gives the IMPRESSION that it is something that lacks things like romance and build up and passion.

Perhaps that is simply a misconception on my part. The Lewd Coast does not seem like the kind of place that would have a war story, even if I love the idea of drastically changing the dynamic of a story in order to make it more faceted, I think those that joined the L.C do not want a harrowing war story.

P.S: Thanks for showing me that comic. It's pretty cute. ^-^
Edit: I feel like Preyis(a kobold) would find select parts of that comic racist. xD

To Senapoly: Why thank you. Feel free to pass along ideas, if you want!


Well, i agree. The lewd coast is the way it is not because everyones just fucking. So far there have been a grand total of 2 sex scenes the whole time, and there are two characters that are literally incapable of it.
I think the point of the Lewd coast is that many of us have come from places where people have been looked down on out of character for engaging in erotic roleplay and want to undermine that whole... Eliteist culture. All it takes to avoid the rap3y stuff (of which there aren't really any characters that do that yet but there will) Is to have a character logically capable of avoiding such things out of capable fighting ability and such. Some characters are more sex oriented than others, it might be their point, might not be another ones point.

Now im not really sure what you mean by a war story. I guess it could but... I dont know, ive never been in an rp where a war story has ever been interesting, i feel like that would take some special skill and a passionate dm for it. The lewd chost is kinda anarchy where everyone is free to dm whatever they like, but generally sticks to their character.

It has a bunch of map materials that have fleshed out the setting, but its only the region around a specific city. Its got a very d&d feel so i feel like it would have fit the monster thing... But i didn't say it had to be part of it either. Eh.

At the moment the site has very few people on it. Like... 10? with only like, 3 of those being super active. It needs more stuff, and more people but if you want to start a thing, it would be a good idea if your thing could have cross overs with what already exists i think.

I imagine it would be cool if there were things like war stories that characters could 'go off to' from other roleplay. Likewise, a monster nest type place would also gain from having adventurers coming in and messing around.

Hmm... Is there something we should change about the recruitment post? Cause romance is definitely a thing.

PS: I made the savage tide rp recruitment post, which was a standard, non erotic rp in the same setting and no one was interested in joining it over the lewd coast. Im just going with it.


What I mean by 'war story' is the fact that in my original idea, the peace option would be far more difficult than the peaceful option, due to NPCs lusting for blood on both sides and racial/cultural issues, etc. I expect most people to lean towards the path of least resistance, which would be fighting. Thus there would be war. Either at the very beginning, or at some point where more peaceful characters have had enough. I will say that either way, the rp would only do fighting between characters and key NPCs. Large scale battles would be sort of like...Oooh, I dunno. Checkpoints? Stepping stones? They'd show the results of character's efforts and how those actions changed the dynamic. If a character worked their ass off smithing weapons and armors, showing actual exhaustion and determination, then it would give that side an edge due to being better equipped, as an example.

That out of the way, I do think you give a good argument, Celene. It'd certainly be new to have two roleplays that are separate but connected. And, as you said, this place is pretty small at the moment. So, perhaps it would allow for more activity or some such. The idea certainly hasn't been thrown out by me yet. I'm just wondering if lil' ol' me can pull off something that impressive.

I can certainly see how it'd work from at least a practical sense. Monsterfolk carving a place for themselves either under the city or at least nearby it, and have things go from there.


Um, hey, kobold here. I'm actually the same person as Celene, just happen to be on my other character now.

Maybe it would be a good idea to join the lewd coast so you can see what actually is on the inside. I kinda started at first joining to rp as a kobold with salek, but salek stopped. The whole point was infiltrating the city as a group of kobolds and stuff. Idk.

It was based on an idea i had when reading the d&d dragon magic book that describes kobold society and how they will trade with other races under magical disguise in order to exert political influences and stuff. Actually being prone to having a lot of riches that they could use if they dont have a dragon to give a hoard. Though i suppose some dragons might encourage this sort of thing too.

Its funny, i imagined a very different thing when i first read your suggestion, i imagined it as the day to day lives of monsters rather than an actual war. Since that seems like... A lot of work.


shrugs It could be either one. I try not to keep things set in stone. What I gave was just the rough draft of an idea. To see if people were interested in the concept, at the very least. With something this new, I don't want to start with rigid ideas. That'll just scare people away.

Maybe it'd be better as a day to day sort of thing. I don't know. I've never really done this sort of thing before. Forum rp at Serenity(my only other experience with this sort of thing) was basically nonexistent, and it all had to follow the canon. This is new for me. Stop yelling at meh. cries little kobold tears in the corner ;~;


Pats Preyis on their head clumsily, yelling loudly AAah! Yes yes!, I was a Serenity person too, I think that's because no one wants to have to refresh pages repeatedly until they get a response. Now come on, have some fun. starts dragging Preyis towards the Lewd Coast, leaving a trail of tears


I just did a thing. You should look at it, sense you're here. I don't know if it's any good. I am kinda sleepy x-x


OOo! I love it. Ill get you added.


You should have access to the wider thing now


Yaaay...Now just to figure out how to get the character involved...


Well, There is a gnome and an automaton wandering around out there, its in the thread called hunting party.