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The Guardians that have made themselves known to the people are broken down into three distinct social circles. Their association is often times seen closer, like one would expect a family rather than between their circles- which often they treat each other like close friends or neighbors. The true nature of these interactions is largely a mystery however, as it is rare that a scholar is given a peak into their world.


The Stalwart Peaces:
Often seen as those who have the largest hand in the daily lives of humanity, they make up the primary religious figures of the modern people. Each has a small plethora of 'children' that make up a good potion of Juta.

Muu (Mm-eww)

Justice, Honor, Order. Muu is depicted as a massive and mighty warrior clad in resplendent golden armor that glows with a grossly incandecent warmth. Thought of by some to be overbearing and occationally downright cruel, others give this quality to that of a father figure doing something unpopular for the sake of whats right. He is the patron of none, as all human are equal in his glorious vision, however they still are the center of many who seek for things to simply be fair in their life. When depicted as an animal, he takes on the vissage of a sixty tusked Elefantes. These massive creatures standing naturally at around the size of a barn and about as wide as well, typically having only six tusks. While rarely violent, they often seek revenge against those who transgress against their territories or troops- leading to the association with justice.

Axxion (Axe-eon)

Caution, Helpfulness, preparedness. Axxion is primarily shown as a faceless hooded figure draped in a humble plum and sage-green robe. carring around a large tome. A tome that they uses to write down information about others they might find useful- its theorized to have a near infinant amount of pages. becuase of their close association with Muu, they have also been reffered to as the Judge and Prosicution as a pair, Axxion being the latter. Patron to Masters, Accountants, Book-keepers and Tactitions, they pray to recive his blessings of mental fortitude to see and predict the coming trials and tribulations they might face, so as to better prepair for them. Taking on the apperance of a many headed Watcher bird, Axxion has been said to have the ability to split himself apart to be in many places at the same time. Typically, the natural behavior of these small crow-like birds is to follow travelers around and wait for the opertunity to steal and eat any jewlery or coins that they leave unattended, feeding on precious metals. They can be told apart from crows by their relitivly larger size and two sets of eyes, as well as their distinct ability to turn incomporial.

  Arbarellyn (Arb-ar-ell-eyn)

Glee, charity, Friendship. The only outwardly womanly figure within the Stalwart Peaces, Arbarellyn also has the most interpritations of apperance. Scholars and those who pray to her have spoken how she has come to them as a holy woman, draped in long an luxirous cloth all the way to a scantily clad dancer bareing jewlery with spangles of rattling precious metals and even tastfully nude for those of a particular desperation. An olive skinned godess with dark brown hair and solid black eyes, the only truely consistant feture of her attire has been the jewel encrusted white-gold bindi. But even its gemstones have been known to range in brilliance and shape between accounts. The gems are said to be a reflection into the soul of who she has visited. The patron of performers, mothers, prostitues and joyious tavern bar customers across the continent sing her praises as they embid in the fruits of life, love and laubor. She stands as one of the few Guardians to never have been seen in a animal like state or form- or at least never reported as such.

Gratiius (Grat-Ee-us)

Serenity, Peace, Thanks. A astonishingly rotund, bald, smooth fetured Guardian with harliquin skin sporting various tattoos and other markings. Often reported dressed in rags, this Deity is the patron of monks, holy men/woman and all who seek to give thanks for what they have. Much like his animal form, Gratiius has been known to have a second face, a form of pure anger and frustration shown by the sudden and rapid shifting on his soft expression into that of a harsh squinted eyed scowl. The Flying Boar having a similar tendancy as, when threatened, the smooth skinned flying pig will suddenly transform into a four tusked, hairy and flightless msucled ball of destruction and anger. During these periods, natrual disasters are often given as reason for his fury, the world reutrning to a peaceful state afterwards. Between City-States, Guilds and Armies in war, a cease-fire or peace agreement is commonly refered to as a Gratiius act.

Borredon (Bore-eh-don)

Remorse, Forgiveness, Solitude. Borredon might be one of the simplest of the Guardians to understand. The vissage of a man coated with stone-like grey skin. Their eyes have sealed shut underneith the weight of their heavy brow which droops in constant rumination of their past life. If you have feelings of guilt, and care not to suffer the justice of Muu, Borredon is your patron deity as his motionless eyes can peer through anything, including your very soul.They are also often prayed to by those who have regrets; The heart broken, those wishing to move on. A voice in the darkness to hear your woes and a confidaunt for the lonley both begger and lord alike. Sometimes depicted as a gargoyle with soulful green eyes that eminate an eery light, they are the guardian who is most likely to visit one in their visions following prayer. Upon waking, most people feel uplifted, but this feeling is often short lived as the tribulations of life press on again.


The Twins:
While it is not known if these guardians are actually related to eachother, their mirroring eye colours and semingly similar apperance has given the pair such a designation by other Guardians. It is however known that these two have a shakey relationship with other Guardians, as they typically meddle in their buisness.

Jasper (Jaz-per)

Commonly seen as having short, white hair- this androgynous faced, voiced, mannered and heterochromatic eyed Guardian is often depicted as wearing any kind of light armor. From animal scales to leathers and furs typically used by the journeymen and adventuring types that travel between the city-states. They embody the charm of seeking adventure and mystery and often are prayed to by those doing just that. The patron of thrill seekers and heroes alike, their animal like form has been described as a swampy green razor wolf with thick oversized elbow talons that glint with the shimmer of steel. While most razor wolves have elbow talons of various lengths, only those of an advanced age or social status within their packs typically grow elbow talons the length of short swords, and have never been seen in the same crecent moon shape as Jasper's oversized apendages. due to a negitive disposition towards the Stalwart Peaces, little is known of this Deities motivations.

Jaspen (Jaz-pen)

Commonly seen as having medium lengthed, white hair- this androgynous faced, voiced, mannered and heterochromatic eyed Guardian is often depicted as wearing robes and all manners of long, flowing fineries. Spesifically they seem to seek out attention from the common people, bistowing blessings for those who pray to them of no particular extrodinary nature. They rarely answer the likes of heroes and adventurers, leave that to their counter part who shows little of the same respect. Patron to all simply trying to get by on the continent, they have a massive following that is tailored into normality. While prayer to this deity is allowed, effigies larger than a pendant are outlawed in most cities by religous scholars as- it has been told that they are not on the best of terms with the Stalwart Peaces. They have only ever been reported as appearing in an animal like state once, and that was as an albino Mossy fox. due to a negitive disposition towards the Stalwart Peaces, little is known of this Deities motivations.