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General roleplay etiquette


This is a general guide to roleplaying etiquette subject to change based on each roleplaying section, you do not have to follow these guidelines, it is just here to try and help people have more involved and interesting roleplay.

Post Length

Do not worry about post length being consistent. Generally the best idea when planning the length of your post is to base it on the general activity.

If your group only posts once or twice a day, due to having a busy lifestyle, it is worth making a long post with lots of content for the next person reading it.

However if you have a very active group, it is often more useful and engaging to make shorter more rapid posts, each a single action because it allows other characters to interrupt your actions, which is far more interesting and involved than leaving others waiting for a long post. It is also far easier on people using a mobile device.

Don't worry about making multiple posts in a row, it is a natural consequence of doing this, but be considerate of other players, if you expect people to react to something, or if their character hasn't done something for a while. Wait.

Free Time

Everyone has a different amount of time that they can allocate to their roleplay. If you are waiting for someone for a long time, it may be worth messaging them privately to see how they are doing.

It is best to have an ongoing thread in an OOC section of a roleplay for people to use to let eachother know how much time they have. Generally it is best to encourage people of similar amount of time, as well as time zone to interact.


This forum uses Markdown.
Feel free to use as much as you like.

Try to avoid abbreviation or text speak and follow basic grammar rules, but don't let worrying about these things scare you into not posting.