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Creating your own group setting


Step 1: Create a recruitment page in roleplay/recruitment for your group setting by:

  • Describing the setting in which you'll play in as much detail as possible.
  • Adding links to the lore of the setting and the era it is set in. (for example fantasy medieval or space age sci-fi the options are limitless)
  • Giving examples of the kinds of races, species and environments.
  • Explaining whether there will be magic of any kind or is it set in a modern day high school.
  • Talking about what kinds of rules systems you will use for combat and leveling (example 3.5 D&D, serenity etc)
  • Considering if you have a leveling or rule system or will your roleplay be free form?
  • Considering you be DMing the story or will it develop organically with input from all players?
  • Deciding if you will you use other programs such as or a teamspeak applications to add depth to your game.

Step 2:

Message the website admin about which categories and structures you would like in your private group forum. Including images and backgrounds.

What could I include?

  • Images (Maps
  • Backgrounds
  • Categories:
    Out of character chat
    Areas (Example, districts of a city, mountain tops, underground caverns)

So you want to roleplay?