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Combat System suggestions


I'm going to write a few ideas for the combat system of your thing. Up to you if you like it or not. The philosophy going into this is to create an extreme level of complex customization to weapons and armour that can boil down into very simple and fast end number results. I want to emphasize tactical choices and decision making and i want to emphasize styles of fighting that can mix between many options, rather than characters being forced down specific avenues like strength dexterity or magic usually would be. I want rather ridiculous choices be able to pay off in specific circumstances, but be limited by practicality in others.

Attributes also act as your hit points. When you take damage, you lose fighting ability. Combat continues until someone yields or has no choice in the matter.
Talent is the exception in this.
When taking damage, characters will become less and less able to fight, yielding should be an option in most circumstances. Situations should tend to be crafted such that even a loss would allow the roleplay to continue in some way.



I would like this to act as something that would allow you to use weapons of higher weight and deal more damage upon hitting an opponent with any weapon by increasing the force of a strike and increasing Armour penetration through force of impact.
Crushing and slashing damage are favored.
Important for pushing through and absorbing the force involved in a parry.
Able to cause dramatic swinging force.
Wounds will reduce the effectiveness of your strength.
A combination of strength and finesse will reduce the telegraphing of your own attacks, making them harder to avoid.


Ability to better hit your opponent and reduce the effectiveness of your opponent's avoidance, resulting in more precise strikes.
Dodging requires safe spaces to move into, be careful not to be boxed in by your opponents.
You can still parry with your weapon, but it may not be effective if your opponent is using heavy weaponry

A combination of Finesse and perception allow longer ranged weapons a greater chance to ignore Armour entirely


Directly controls the number of opponents you can pay attention to, (number of reaction actions you can perform) Without this you might avoid one opponent only to find a knife in your back!.

It will allow one to see through an opponent's feints and deliver powerful counter attacks

For a stronger character, this will help you confront more opponents and block their blows. A more finesse based character would be able to target unarmored parts of an opponent from greater range.

Damage taken to perception is doubled.


Allows you to have longer strings of reaction moves, which is reduced by current load.

With strength this will help with load effect on reactions.
With finesse this will increase the number of reactions you can perform in a row.
With talent, it is useful for mitigating some negative effects it might have, how much mana you can expend before passing out for example.

Once you reach 0 Stamina, your character is disabled or passes out and enters a state of rest. Vulnerable to a finishing move which takes a whole turn and can be interrupted by another character.

While resting a character regains 1 stamina at each of their turns.
Unless woken by an action by a character, in an action that takes a full turn, they will wake up on their own at 1 stamina.

Damage taken to stamina is halved(rounded up)


This is used for specific special abilities granted through traits. Including magical spells or other special techniques.
Perhaps this is magical ability. Or how good you are with money. Maybe you're a great artist. Whatever your thang, this is going to help you out in that thang. However it will generally combine with the above attributes in some way.

The downside of this attribute is that it is not a physical attribute and so cannot be reduced when taking damage.

Weapon Design(still workin on it)

Weapon design is the process of combining a number of parts into a usable weapon, practically anything can be used as a weapon by building it out in this system.

You can start with any part, most parts can have another attached at various angles.

Each part can increase a weapon's range, weight and functionality


Generally any part is able to be held, though parts more suited to that specific purpose:

Small Handle

A small handle is any handle of a small enough size that they can only be comfortably held with one hand. They do not provide any range difference between parts attached to it.

Range: 0
Weight: 0.5

Trying to hold a small handle with 2 hands will reduce Finesse with the weapon by 2

Hand ring

A ring large enough to be held comfortably with one hand.

Range: 0
Weight: 1.5

Trying to hold a small ring with 2 hands will reduce Finesse with the weapon by 2

Haft Section

Any length of pole or handle large enough to hold comfortably with two hands, a length approximately half the length of a human arm Note: Multiple haft sections can be placed together in a line to make a longer weapon

Range 1
Weight 1

Hoop Section

A hoop can aid as the core for very wide short ranged weapons. Hoop size can be increased in the same way as a haft section.

Range 1 (Hoop diameter)
Weight 3

A hoop can fit around the neck of creatures of the same range to size category, giving a +2 bonus to strangling when used to strangle a creature with the same size category as the hoop's range.

A hoop of double the range as the size category of a creature gains +2 when being used to grapple that creature. Able to fit around their body and arms.

A hoop of three times or greater the size category of a creature is able to fit the creature comfortably inside, letting a character use the weapon from inside the hoop and attack in wide arcs or cause it's rending damage to all enemies in a ring.

Weapon sections

Any part can be used to harm someone, however these parts tend to be more useful for that purpose.

Impale: The range in which a weapon will be able to possibly ignore armor on attacks. Normally associated with the length and thinness of a spike.

Rend: The ability to rend flesh and hew bone. Normally associated with the width and curve of a blade.

Crush: Damage associated with the weight of a weapon and strength of the user.

Attack rolls (Still workin on it)

Dodge: One six sided dice plus finesse vs the same in an opponent.

Parry: One six sided dice plus finesse vs the same, plus strength/weapon weight(round up)

Damage = Result+ weapon bonus +str - armour.
Different kinds of attacks can be a combination of three attributes.

Impaling: More effective at piercing armour at lower damage, with a critical range.

Rending: Highly damaging sources that are reduced heavily by Armour
Weapon damage + Strength - Deflect

Crushing: The force of the weapon strike, reduced by cushioning. More effective against pinned and heavier foes.