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Alternate Existance Discord


I don't know if one exists yet, but i'll make one just incase -- hopefully you guys join it soon, i'll try to make accomodations/improvements to it with time. :3


Hey, I figure people will choose to set up third party stuff like this for their specific rp groups. Its hard to get everyone involved in these things otherwise.

This brings up something worth discussing though, is voice chat important for this website? It may actually be something i can integrate into its design because this forum is based on discourse. This means any plugins for discourse that exist can potentially be added to it. Which means this could be:

It would certainly take some work to do, and would probably be high latency because this server is in germany, but it would be integrated. What do you think?


Upon further Research, there are discord integration plugins for discourse but it is difficult to tell if any of them integrate discord audio.


Ill attempt an integration soon once people are offline