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About the Role-Play Recruitment category


Where all your dreams come true~ If you would like to start something, please post a recruitment topic in here and message a staff member to make a subcategory to add to the rp universe.

A category will be created that the host will be in control of, you may then attribute any topic posted in that category as being related to that ongoing roleplay. It will also be possible to restrict who has access to that category.

Please describe the setting and lore for your roleplay, it can be as minimal or as expansive as you like, as your forum can expand to suit as many categories as it needs. Its important to let people know if they will need new characters or that characters from other roleplay can join yours too.

Please let people know how you plan to resolve conflicts in character, you are free to use any system you like, and your favorite table top game would be perfect.

There are two general rp styles that people usually take and it is up to group owners to dictate which should be used, though we advise that its perhaps a good idea to be used to role playing with people who use both styles rather than asking anyone to change.

One is to use ** to contain actions while leaving speech uncontained.

The other is to use “” to contain speech while leaving others uncontained.

Some do both at the same time, all are relevant, though once the game exists, it will be automatically converting your writing into the second option.

Out of character communication should be contained within (brackets) if brief. If there is a larger conversation that needs to happen, we advise you make a new topic labeled as OOC (out of character) to talk.

Dont be a dick out of character. Simple rule, if you are too much of a dick and make people’s experience unpleasant then bad things might happen. In character however, being a dick is encouraged, so long as it makes sense for your character.

Also, yes, posting porn would be a dick move. You have been warned.