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About the Deities category


For creatures that exist past what we are able to see. I'm trying a new world building style where you start from the very top of existence and work your way down, letting power trickle down through from the universe.


I want there to be different levels of 'deities'. Magic does exist in the world, but magic should have actual mechanical-ness so that it can be tinkered with by characters and function as a fantasy equivilent of chemical-X allowing for things to happen

-Massive celestial beings of one sort faught with massive celestial beings of another sort. In the aftermath, half of the existing deities were whiped out. Whenever I make 2 gods, I should make at least 1 neutral being. Whenever I make 2 neutral beings, I need at least 1 near extiction celestial beings.

Main Cast- Common name: Guardians of [Insert Topic] or Great/Grand/Glorious Beings Above, Fathers/Mothers of [insert topic]
Refer to themselves as the 'Sole' (Interprited to mean 'the only')
Celestial beings born from the tangible aspect of concepts, thoughts and emotions. They often have an 'animal-like' depiction and a more recognizable human apperance.

Neutral Cast- they have no common name due to mixed association with the Guardians and the Punished. just known to be seperate from the Guardians and the Punished and often associated with the natrual world that exists across the continent.

Near-exctinct Cast- Common name: The Punished, Demons
It is common to show amusement for an 'evil-dooers' or really just someone you don't like missfortunes by simply saying "A punishment befitting a god." The few of these beings left live in hiding from the growing group of Guardians hunting them down for their suposid transgresions against the balance of the universe. Their origin isn't widely known outside of the Guardians.

Juta- Common name: Juta, Spirit beings.
These creatures are distinct from gods as they can take a direct physical form on the continent. Often acting as guides for... well, for nearly everything. From ambitions, greeds and any thought you could imagine. They often latch themselves to important persons and stand with them as companions, they will almost always have alterier motives.